dinsdag 24 december 2013

Days before Christmas in California

I decited to this post in in English, i know i've lot of readers from America, and I looked up my statics, and the most are from America! So this post is gonna be in English with a Dutch part. 
I think all my American friends, and all the friends that doesn't speak Dutch are very happy now!

This is about Christmas in California! It's so warm here (23°C /  72°F), and it really doesn't feel like it's Christmas, but the calendar says it, the end of December!

December 23rd 2013

I woke up around 10:30 am last morning. I was kind of tired, so i slept in again today! In the morning we didn't do something special. The morning was almost over when i woke up :). The kids were wondering how i can sleep so long and i've seriously no idea XD. Going to an outside mall was on the planning today. So we went there, i found a store where they sell Dutch licorice, yeah, i'm happy. I bought Dutch licorice. It's not so populair here in the USA, i seriously can't understand why, haha, just kidding, everybody thinks that i'm trying to poison them when i give them Dutch licorice. But anyway, i bought also a pair of pants and a pair of boots, both at the Forever 21 and in the sale! It was going to be a little bit dark outside so we went back to the house. We ate something there and me and the guys were leaving to another mall, it was inside this time. I liked this mall better because it had more stores. So i bought the most amazing sweater at Victoria's Sectret, a new pair of Vans, socks, some skincare at Sephora and i had an smoothie at Häagen-Dazs, yummie! We went back to the house and we had family pray and i went to bed. I downloaded some music and i talked to my parents because i wasn't able to go to sleep. It was so warm in my room. So finally, at 2 am, my eyes were close and i was in dream-land :D (oh gosh, that sounded a lot better in Dutch).

December 24th 2013

Yeah today it was Christmas Eve! When i woke up (probably around 10 am), i got a lot of text messages with Merry Christmas, thank you for that!! I walked around the lake today, in the morning and i had a cup of coffee from the Starbucks, with my name on it: Cinderella! <3. I walked around and around, it was bigger than i thought it was... mehh. I went also to the pool across the street, but that one wasn't heated.. So we went to another pool, and i swum for more than 1 and a half hour! It was great, the sun was shining, it was so hot outside and the poolwater was nice. I made some nice pictures today! They also told me that this was the rainy season, yeah sure! -.- After the swimming-fun, we went home. I did my make up and we had a little snack. I ate 2 hot dogs! We also opened a present and i got a pyjama! Nice! I made myself ready for Christmas Eve diner, and i looked kinda nice. I wear my new sweater with al the glitters! We went that night to a Italian restaurant and it wasn't that bad or something, just not what i like. I got broccoli and chicken :D. There was also a dip for your bread (oil + vinegar), and i dipped my bread in it, and i almost trow up. It was so grouch. You had to see my face! YUK! I was kinda sad at our way back to the house, i just have to get used to everything here and i don't get every joke that they make so i don't see if they're making fun of me or if they're teezing.. I also think it's sad that my parents package isn't arrived yet.. When we got home, i updated my blog and i went to sleep. Tomorrow we probably wake up early for opening presents, it's Christmas morning then! :D Goodnight. 

Yes I still really miss my High-School-Year-life, and I still think it’s sad how everything went in my past. I just try to move on right now.. Forget my past and look forward, I miss my friends from all over the world and of cours I miss my family. Just to know, i won’t forget anybody, never. Wish i could start over again but California is also cool.

 Une belle Noëlle :D

 Outside mall !



 My favorite store! PINK

 LIPS, kiss i love y'all <3


 Lake + mountains.

 Ice cold swimming pool across the street.

 Heated pool, me like!

 My all time favorite sweater!

 Christmas Eve!


 That stuff almost killed me XD. Oil, vinegar, pepper and cheese ;o

 My food.

 That's life

 Starbucks loverrrr


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