maandag 30 december 2013

My first week in the hotness

Helloo, here another post from the hotness in California! Greetings from the beach!

Friday December 27th 2013
I woke up around 10 am, and then I played keyboard again, and again and again. I practiced a lot the last few days, I wanna get better and I didn't have much to do haha. After my breakfast, I hangout with the boys. We went swimming today, and I had a lot of fun. I was not swimming laps or something, I did some bombs (haha) and a waterfight with the boys! It was fun. And because the man in the house had to work, we went to the cinema. We saw the movie Frozen, it was an awesome movie. Just like every other Disney movie, it was also funny. I wanna see it again! We had no diner or something after the movie, I had a medium popcorn and drink and it was way too much..! I wasn't hungry at all. Oh and I also had contact with my new host family this day! I was trying to figure out how iMovie worked so I looked at the clock and it was 11:42 pm, way too late. So I decided to go to sleep :).

Saturday December 28th 
We went out of town today. I woke up at 10 am (again..) and had breakfast. I had to hurry so I packed my bags and a towel. I had seriously no idea what the plan was for today, so I just sat in the car and waited till something happened. On our way we drove next to a Mormon temple, yeey :D. And we finally stopped in a cute town near by Newport Beach, it was so cool and I bought a new pair Havaianas (flip-flops). Then we went to a Chineese restaurant and with the ferry to the other side of the bay. We were looking for a parking spot but there wasn't one. So we drove away to another beach-place. I've seriously no idea what it called, but it was cool. I went into the water till my knees because it was kinda cold. Then we went up to the hill and the caves, it was pretty cool and hot up there. After I made a few pictures, we went back in the care and drove to Laguna Beach. There was a cute little ice-cream place, and we got ice-cream there. I had my all time favorite flavor lemon! I was starting to get dark outside so we went back in the house! We had chicken for diner and after it, I had cake. I also watches The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Netflix and after it I went to bed. It was funny because I was laughing so hard because of the movie and I had my earbuds in, so everybody was looking at me like, what's your problem, hahahahah :D.

Sunday December 29th
Today was church day, we went to the service at 11 am, because everybody wanted to sleep in. We went to church after I had breakfast. It was a very inspirational service, I've learned a lot and it was also pretty interesting! I was also talking with my BFF in the Netherlands and I said everything what the pastor said to her. I like the huge church here, it doesn't even feel like a church. I also had my first ice cone (see picture under the blog), it was tasty, and i liked it :D. We went home very quickly and I took a shower after lunch, my hair wasn't even dry and I was sitting in the car again! We went to a mall (there were almost only Asian people there and everything was so expensive!!). It was okay, I just bought a new moisturizer for my face, because my face is so extreem dry that it hurt. Now I hope that it's gonna work!! We went to Portillo's for dinner on our way back home, I had an hotdog and french fries, I brought my own mayonaise with me,  to make it more tasteful :D. I felt a little bit stupid but it tasted better! I also had the famous chocolate cake! There was also a Walmart and I went in there to buy some shampoo. We drove home after diner, and I watched a funny part of the movie Despicable Me 2, hahaha! When I got home I FaceTime'd with my boyfriend in Nebraska and I went to bed :D.


5 minutes from the house!



Newport Beach mormon temple

Newport Beach

New Havaianas, me happy

No idea what that is

Pacific Ocean

 Beautiful view!



I thought that I was in Laguna Beach :'DD

 Ouftit of the day


Sno-kone :D

Gouda cheese and stuff from the Netherlands

 Louis Vuitton in da mall :)

New moisturizer ! :)

 Time for a hotdog & fries!



Selfie with my all time favorite t-shirt!

 Harbor in Newport Beach (haven)



 My eyelashes looks kinda weird in this picture. Greeting from Newport Beach :D.


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