maandag 27 januari 2014

Academic Year #3

Today was one of those day were you do stuff, but not interesting stuff. I didn't write about the whole week because that's gonna be so boring. I just wrote about the exctited stuff and the funny things that happen. I guess, that's what you guys are here for, right! I love you!

Tuesday January 21st 2014
The morning started not that early, my classes started in de afternoon. I woke up around 9 am, probably. I FaceTimed my parents in the Netherlands and I talked to my dad and mom till I had to leave my house for class. My classes were kind of boring  I had first vocabulary and the. My regular English classes. I was so happy that I was done for that day, I didn't know what was wrong but I was so tired. I had diner with my host family and I watched netflix and went to bed early.

The rest of the week is not special enough to write about because I didn't do anything special.

Friday January 24th 2014
I had class in the morning, so i had to wake up late. The normal English classes weren’t that great because I didn’t like the subject (art) and my teacher is not the best. I had also a lecture class and we discussed about the death penalty. It was super interesting, that’s my thing. I was the group leader. I had only 3 periods today, so I was done around 1 PM, I went for lunch with Lotte. We’re sitting and talking and talking. We ate also of course, I went with Lotte to the residence and we had a little party, it was funny. Bas cycled with me home because it was after 10 PM, when I got home, I went straight to bed because I was tired. 

Saturday January 25th 2014
Today was relax day in the family. We had breakfast together and I cleaned my room, I also talked a lot with my host mother. I didn’t do anything special today, I really needed this day because it was a busy and boring week. I watched Netflix and I made homework too. I love Saturdays like this :D

Sunday January 26th 2014
It was Hollywood day! I woke up at 9 AM and went to the EF school. Ashley, the leader of the school, took us to the Hollywood Hills. It wasn’t a really long drive. We hiked around the Hollywood sign, but we weren’t able to go close to the sign. We stopped at the Gravity Centre and there was an awesome view of Los Angles! It was pretty! We drove straight from there to the In-N-Out for a famous burger, we were at Sunset BLVD. The next stop was at another hiking place, and we hiked up the hill, it was tiring but cool. I really had a fun day. On the way back, I really needed to go to the bathroom. Okay here comes the most awkward moment EVER, the bathroom was broken at the gas station so I went to behind the gas station to do it in the bushes (who cares). A guy started talking to me, and that was so so so embarrassing!! I told him to go away because I was peeing, as soon as I was ‘done’, I run fast back to the car. Haha, when we got back home, I took a shower, had diner and went to sleep around 10 PM, it was an early night but I was tired.

Monday January 27th 2014

Regular school day with classes in the morning. My alarm went off at 7:15 AM, and I got out of bed at 7:45 AM, and I still had time left.. My first 2 classes were OK, we had are weekly test and just screwed it. The vocabulary went totally wrong (I get so much vocabulary) but the rest was okay. I had gap-period, and I had a cheep lunch and I ate root beer float gum. That was gross, but funny that they had gum like that. My last period made my whole day a lot better, I like the kids in that class. I did a workout after school and I went running, for more than 1 hour. I needed to put my energy in something and let my anger go. It felt so good! I had diner with my family at night, and went to bed because it was a tiring day. Goodnight people!



 Outfil of the day

hii, i'm ready to leave. 

 Wearing my Toms on friday :D




 Love that cup

 There was a knife for me on the table, sweet!


 LA downtown.

 Hollywood hills


 Gravitiy whatever center

 yeah that's James Dean ^^

 Little Snack

 Pretty <3

Yeah that's it!

 More view

 Burger burger hungryyyy


 School i think (on sunset blvd)

Me and the hollywood sign in the backkkk.

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