vrijdag 3 januari 2014

New Year's Eve.

I know, i'm kind of late, but it's HAPPY NEW YEAR <3
& naar mijn Nederlandse vrienden: GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR.
Monday December 30th 2013
I did no do much today. Really, I watched 4 Tinkerbell movies (yeah you can punch me in the face for that). I went to Starbucks and at night, I went with the scooter around the lake. Oh and I FaceTime'd my boyfriend at night & found out a new hairstyle!

Tuesday December 31th 2013
Today was the last day of 2013! Really weird, because I felt it! And everybody sent my happy new year messages. It was a awesome day/night. At 3 pm, I said happy new year to my parents in the Netherlands though FaceTime and I saw firework! I had to wait 9 more hours. So I went with my relatives to a Mexican Restaurant and I felt so tall when I went to the bathroom (the door was low). It was a good restaurant, but after it, it felt like my stomach was gonna explode :). We also went to Target and bought some party stuff. I bought also some make-up in sale. When we got home, I watched a Dutch tv-program and waited till 12 am. And when it was a few minutes before midnight, we went out on the balcony and had some crackers (those party thing where you've to pull on both ends). We did a countdown, we said goodbye, made fun, ate something and went to bed. I had a lot of fun, even if there was no firework. It felt like 2013 was finally over.

Wensday January 1st 2014 (!!)
Today was the first day in 2014, excited!! We didn't do anything much. I just watched some tv-series (New Girl!) on Netflix and I was tired. We had lunch together. And on the end of the day, we drove to Laguna Beach, to the end of the world. That was a place with a beautiful view on the ocean and the rest of Orange County. It was so beautiful, we also watched the sunset and we made a lot of beautiful pictures! We went to a pizza place in Laguna Beach, and I had pizza. I'm really trying to like it, but I still don't like it.. I feel so guilty about that, so I had only one slice. We went back home after it and I sit on the couch :) and then I went to bed early. Oh and I made some bracelets too with the kit that i got on Chirstmas! They're awesome, it took me a week to figure out how to do it!

Thursday January 2nd
When I woke up in the morning, I made bracelets with the boys and I had a lot of fun! It finally felt good, being here and I had so much fun the last day!! We also went to another beautiful view, and it was pretty cool because I could see the other view point where we were yesterday. I also started to put my clothes in my suitcase and I watched New Girl on Netflix again. I had chicken, corn, peppers and white rice for dinner. And I went to bed early :).

Haaai Mensen,
Toch nog even een stukje in het Nederlands. Ik vond het wel nodig, ik wilde even dat ik niet kan wachten totdat ik zondag naar mijn gastgezin kan, en ik pak m'n koffer in met een mega big smile. Ik kan niet wachten, totdat de school begint maandag. Ik had een super new year's, het was erg leuk, maar erg eenzaam. Maar het komt wel goed.

Heel veel liefs,

Christmas Tree :D



 Boise State :D

 New hair style :)

 Starbucks :)



 Mexican restaurant

 I felt tall

How cute! 

 Today I'm the princes, b**ch

 New year's eve <3


 On my way to Laguna Beach


 Make up

 Pizza blew.


 Beautiful view.

"Where is my happy ending"

I love nature.


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