zondag 12 januari 2014

Santa Monica, LA & Bike

The last days were so tiring, read for more and what i did, i did a lot. I LOVE LOS ANGELES <3.

Wednesday January 8th 2014
I really wanna do this in Dutch but promised myself that my blog is in English. It's so confusing the whole time, switching from language to language.. Anyways, my days started at 7:15 AM, and a lot of people where question me why I was up so early. I had to go to school early, I went on my bike and it was actually kind of cold outside. When I got at the school, I couldn't find my class so I hung out a little bit with some I other girls till the teacher came. The first lesson was about making the placement test. I still don't like being in a class with only guys.. But I think I did my test good! I'm excited to hear my result. The second and also last lesson was about some rules, information and introduction stuff. We also have a nice teacher, Kyle. When my school day was over, I had a hotdog because it was $1,- hotdog Wednesday! Lotte and I also planned to go the mall 'near by' the school. We took a taxi and it was fun to be in it! We bought some stuff and everything was in sale. I'm so happy that I got some new clothes, can't wait to wear them. I've also an amazing pair of high heals and they were only $7,-. Happy me! We had some problems finding our taxi back to the school but after 10 minutes, we found it. Lotte was just in time at school. We had a lot of fun together at the mall, we also tried a massage chair and we laughed so hard! When we got back at the school, I drove my bike home to school. I had some issues with my bike but I fixed them and my hands were dirty after that, yuk. I'm planning on buying a new bike. When I got home, I eat diner with the family, looked what I bought, had a shower, watched some Netflix, texted some friends and I went to bed!

Thursday January 9th 2014
I woke up kind of early, around 8 am and I went to school. Bas, Brechtje and I were planning to buy a bike. And so we did, we took the taxi to the Walmart and bought a bike! It was so much fun, and I've the same bike as I had in Evansville, IN. But my tires were so soft, so after Target, we drove to a gas station to put some air in the tires. When we were ready there, we took our bikes back to the beach. It was a cloudy but beautiful day! We had lunch at Redondo pier, I had a cheese stick (you know corn dog, just not the sausage but cheese). It tasted good. We drove back to the school next to the beach. I had classes late (5:20 pm). We had diner at fat burger and I drove to the residence with Lotte and Brechtje and some other girls with our bikes. We stopped at Walgreens and I bought some nail polish for my gel nail set! I stayed till 9 pm and I drove my bike back to my host family. I did my nails, talked to Carmen and Emma and I went to bed, I also watched some Netflix. 

Friday January 10th 2014
My school started early today, so i woke up around 7:15 am, i was kinda lazy so i stayed in bed till 7:30 am. I was tired! And I also had to hurry because I had only 30 min to make myself ready. I was cold outside at my bike and I was way too early at school.. Next time, no hurry. This day was the last day in my mixed level class with all the boys. We talked and talked and we also went outside to do a little tour through Redondo, with all the restaurants and stuff like that. I had a lot of fun, and all the guys were nice. It was lunch time when we got back to school, I had a break and it was like 20 minutes or so. Because I had only one class left and that was a big class about the government, it was very interesting. I was happy that school was over for that day. Some Dutch friends and I were planning to go to Santa Monica, and so we did, we went with our bikes to Santa Monica. It was a long tour, and we also lost Bas and Lotte, we find them happily back :D. We had a lot of fun, when we were in Santa Monica, we only had diner and made some pictures, it was a lot of fun! But Bas and I were tired and we went back, it took us less than 2 hours to bike back, it was a tiring day but it felt like a victory or something, it was 60 km = 37 miles. When I got in my bed, I fell asleep, tired!

Saturday January 11th 2014
Yeah, today was time for the Los Angeles tour. I woke up around 8 and I made myself ready. It was funny because when I left the house, it was sunny and when I got at the EF school, it was so foggy. When we stept in the bus, we drove to Santa Monica, again -.-. It was fun, we stayed there for 30 minutes and we made some pictures and ate some ice cream. Our next stop was 'The Grove', and we drove through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, a mormon temple, Beverly Hotel etc. We had lunch at The Grove and we did some little shopping, it was cool because i've been there before a few years back. Our next stop was at a museum park and we made some group pictures. After the group pictures, we drove to Hollywood Boulevard, I was sitting next to guy from Paris, it was fun. We made pictures and selfies in Hollywood, I've also been to Sephora for new skincare. Hollywood was fun as always ;D. We went after that to the downtown Los Angeles, all the Mexican stands were there, it was fun! And the last stop was at Staple Center, the Lakers and the Clippers have basketball games there. It was cool! I love Staple Center! That was the last stop, we drove back to Redondo Beach and we all were so tired, we stopped at Days-Inn because of the people that sleep in a residence. And when we got back at the school, i've been to the grocery store and bought some stuff that i needed. When I got home, i wasn't able to find my wallet. I kinda freaked out, so we went back to the grocery store, and they had them there! I was so happy, but so tired. I laid my bed, turned around and fell asleep. 

 Museum thing


 Mall time, Lotte & me

 Hahaha awesome

 Bike :D :D :D

 Target :D




 Perfect nails

 Manhattan Beach
 Beach road.

 Venice Beach

 SANTA MONICA. we did it

 Venice Beach

 Santa Monica on friday

 Santa Monica on Saturday


 HUGE mormon temple

 Rodeo Drive

 Perfect pic.


 Stone ^^


 Paris dude

 Street before hollywood blvd.




 i love HUGE sale


 Staple Center

 Fatburger fooood :D

 Santa Monica at night

 Santa Monica

Check the limo

 EF schoolol



 Fatburger food 2.0

 My own gel nail set!

 Macklemore OMGOMG <3 <3

 Thumbs up :D

 Nog meer Hollywood

 Piano stairs

 Santa Monica (my eyes hurt because of the flash)

Redondo <3

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