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Second week in Redondo & DISNEY

This is about my week. 
I've been to Disney, and this was a fun week and also so excited. I love it.

Sunday January 12th 2014
Today was just a relax day, I was home alone for like the whole day and I took the time to take a shower, scrub my face, clean my room and all that kind of stuff. It was fun, I showed Carmen some pictures from the Netherlands that night and I went to bed, because I had to get up early for school, weekend is over!

Monday January 13th 2014
My class started early this morning, actually, it wasn't really early. The earliest class here start at 8:30 am, and lets say, that's not really early. But anyway, I was kinda lazy so I laied in my bed till the last moment. I had to hurry because I was late. I came at school, again, way too early, all the hurry for nothing.. Today was the day that my classes started, advances 1 (that's C1.1). It wasn't really a fun class. And after 2 hours and 20 minutes, my first 2 periods were over. I had to wait a whole period till my next class started.. I went with Brechtje and another Geman girl to a lunch place and to the beach. I had a delicious sandwich and my pant were wet after going to the beach. The wave were high and the water wasn't even that cold! My last class started and it all was wat I heard before. I was happy that it was over.. On my way back, I found a place where they sell bike basket, but I didn't have a enough money so I had to go back to my house and grab my money.. I've a basket right now, and i'm so happy with it! I also went to the beach again and this time I jumped into the water, with my skirt and my strapless bra, it was kinda embarrasing though. It was so much fun, it was a yolo-thing. When I finally got home, I took a shower and I had diner, salmon! I watched Glee, talked to friends and fell asleep. Before 11 pm!

Tuesday January 14th 2014
It was an okay day today. I woke up around 7:30 am. The planning was going to the mall early, but when I woke up, I realized that the mall wasn't open till 10 am. Haha fail, I was able to sleep in, but I didn't, stupid me. I laid in my bed till 8:45 am and I made myself ready. It was a really warm day today, it was crazy!! The mall wasn't really that fantastic though, I just bought some clothes. And there was no place to buy a bikini, I was a bit disappointed..! But I bought a pair of high heels for $7,49, you don't find it cheaper, happy me! After a frozen yogurt and a cinnamon bun, we took our bike (Bas and I) and drove to the school. I putted my new high heels on and walked to Starbucks for a huge ice coffee because I was thirsty. My first lesson was vocabulary 3, and it was fun! I learned a lot of new words and phrases. My normal English lessons started after that, I had to write an essay about a social issue in the Netherland. I really don't know an interesting issue in the Netherlands but I wrote about drug tourism, that's a big deal in the Netherlands. It was fun to write though. My 3rd period started after a 10 minutes break. That one was kinda boring, we did vocabulary again.. yeah, I learned a lot as you can read. It was getting dark outside and my school was over at 5:20 pm, I went to the store to buy some groceries with Lotte en Brechtje, we all were starving as hell. Right after that I went home, I had pasta for diner, and my host mom Carmen is a very good cook. I talked to my dad in the evening, watched some Netflix and went to bed early :D.

Wednesday January 15th 2014
Today was an easy day. I didn't do that much. Just drove my bike to school and after school we went to the beach. It was awesome, and the sunset was the most beautiful sunset i've ever seen! great! I had diner at home, and also only class in the morning.

Thursday January 16th 2014
Today was sleepin day, and also very very excited! I had class in the afternoon and i went to the airport after that. It was awesome because my friend Laura came! It was awesome! I first had to take the bus to the airport and I took a while to pick her up, but it was fun. We went to diner at Redondo Pier and had dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, yummie! We both were a little tired so we went to bed kinda early. But it was around 1:00 am that we slept.

Friday January 17th 2014
This was the most excited day of the year. I woke up at 5:45 am, to go to Disneyland Anaheim! We drove our bikes to South Bay Galaria and parked them there. We took the bus to Disney and I took us more than 3 hours, it was funny but also horrible. We laugh so hard and we had so much fun riding the bus. When we finally got at disney, we started to see the whole park. Disney is AMAZING, i love it!!! I don't know my favorite thing because i liked everything. We stayed for more than 13 hours in Disneyland, and our feet hurt like hell, serious. It was faraway the most awesome day of the year. I was so thankful to go to Disney, it was great. I did a lot and I got to see a lot in Disney. We did stuff also more than 1 time, because after 8 pm the lines weren't that long. There was also a beautiful parade and firework but we missed that because we're waiting for a attraction. I wanna go back! I've also a picture with the ghost of Aladdin, Jessy (toy story), Cinderella's fairly, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. We had diner at a cute place and it was pretty good. I only bought a magnet for my magnet board in the Netherlands. I really wanna do this day again. I was too good to be truth. It was also fun because I was in Disney for a week in Orlando in 2007 and I was comparing things, and it was funny because a lot of things were the same. There were just a few things that were new and different. But it's cool, this park is the oldest one. Laura and I had so much fun! It was around 11 pm that we left the park and then, we found out that there were no busses back to Redondo Beach. It was a little disaster but then we took a taxi back to Redondo and it cost us only $70 with a little discount. We finally got home at 12:45, and we were so tired and had amazing day.

Saturday January 18th 2014
Today we slept in, because we were tired. It was a relaxing day, we saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks, and that was a Disney movie. It was a great movie, it was about what was going on before the movie Mary Poppins. We did a little shopping, not much and went back to the house with some snacks because Laura and I had a movie-night. :D I was a relaxing day.

Sunday January 19th 2014
Today was brunch day at Denny's, and I had American breakfast with eggs, bacon, potato stuff etc. It was good! Laura and I enjoyed it :D. We drove our bike to South Bay Galaria and explore the shopping mall without a lot of money. It was fun, spending time together! We had fun, friends! We had diner at panera and dessert at frozen yogurt and we watched Netflix together in the evening. It was the last night of her, here in Redondo Beach. That was kind of sad, but we had so much fun!

Monday January 20th 2014
It was the last day of Laura in California, it was kind of sad though. I took here first with me to school because I had morning classes. It was actually kind of fun, we had class at the beach because it was somebody's birthday. We talked with some other students and enjoyed the weather and the beach. We had lunch at Sack's on the Beach and than it was time to go back to my house and grab Laura's stuff to go on the bus to LAX, but my host mother's friend was so nice to bring us (her) to LAX, that was sweet. I said goodbye to Laura and then we drove back to Redondo and had a frozen yogurt (haha). I wrote my blog and watched Netflix, i've such an excited life, haven't I? Goodbye :D

 My new friend

 We gotta go to Disney

 Happiest girl on earth

 Goofy's mailbox

 It's a small world lalalalalalala

 Goofy <3

 Mickey's Toontown :D

 Laura & Goofy

 I own Mickey's house

 Cinderella's fairy

 Jup, that's my store


 Disney palace

 Smile in the long line


 More waiting



 Walt Disney & Mickey

 In the dark


 It's a small world haha








 My card



My favorite attraction.

 Laura Leaving.

 In class

 Oh yeah, we like being on top.




 & Laura in the bus

Fire stuff 

 Part of my lunch.




 More sunset

 New basket with my baby





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