zondag 5 januari 2014

The End Of The Beginning.

Hello people!! This is about the last days at my relatives and the start of my new adventure in Redondo Beach, CA!
And yes, this is the end (also with more things.. doesn't matter), but this is just the end, the end of the beginning. I'm gonna make it.

Friday January 3rd 2014
When I woke up, probably around 10 or something. I didn't do anything special, I had breakfast, watched New Girl on Netflix and I was waiting till we going to do something haha :D. It was a very relaxing morning. In the late afternoon, we went to pick up somebody and we went to a Chinese place and we had diner there. I had also a FrozenYogurt (something like ice-cream) after diner. It was a pretty fun day. I liked it.

Saturday January 4th 2014
I woke up around 9:15 am, pretty early for me haha. We went up in the mountains. It was so cool and the views were amazing. On our way to Cleveland State Forest (or something like that). We had beef jerky on our way, and we made amazingly pictures :D. We had diner in the evening at the house, and i was packing stuff, it was fun! We also went to the saturday church, and I went to the teen zone, it was great, we did a lot of stuff. After diner, we went to a store and bought some sushi (omg, i love sushi) and ate it. I went to bed, after packing suitcases, it was fun. After a phone call of my new host mom, i went to sleep, it was a rough night.. ;( goodnight.

Sunday January 5th 2013
Yeaaah today was the day of the beginning. I had only 3/4 hours of sleep and my alarm was on 7:30 am, yeah, that was way to early. But anyways, we stept into the car after diner and drove all the way to Redondo Beach. It wasn't a really long drive :D. When I got in Redondo,  my host family was home. It was just a little bit awkward at the beginning, but that's always like that. My host mom (Carmen), showed me my room. I'm sharing it with Emma, she's American :D. When I just got there, we drove to church. Yeah, again, i've been to church 2 times in 24 hours, kind of much! It was fun, we talked about the labels that we or other people give to us and what God has the say about us. Interesting. We drove to a mall after church, and that was probably the mall where i've been a few years ago when I was on vacation in Manhattan Beach. I bought some stuff, and I also put new money on my phone. I can internet again :D. After shopping, we went back to the house, and I opened my suitcase and I started unpacking, till nothing was left. I'm pretty happy with how things are, my host family is nice and sweet and I really like my host sister <3. We had not really a dinner, but I had mac & cheese yayyy, me like! And I went to bad early because Emma and I were pretty tired.

ja mensen, ik ben bij m'n gastgezin, het is super leuk en ze zijn echt heel heel aardig. morgen is mijn eerste dag school (voor jullie vandaag, whatever, tijdverschil zuigt). 
een hele dikke knuffel,


 Yup, i'm not gonna say more.


 Army of ants


 That was so cool, i found the same quote in Demi Lovato's book as the one on the EF HSY tshirt :)


Yeaah  squid salad :D 


 Packing bags like crazy

 yum yum chocolate that i got on crhistmas:D

 My lovely suitcase, you've my everything

 I LOVE the background

 Monster <3

 The light in this picture is amazing.

 My very own Nutella :D

 Loom bracelets in making.



 It's about the view, not about me :D

 Hi peeeepz.


 Mountain selfieeee



 Mall <3


 My new room, i love it.

 I'm so happy with my new bottle, new bottle, new beginning. i'm ready for it

 That was the pretty view.

 yeah, that's what i'm gonna do.

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