dinsdag 7 januari 2014

The First Days!

Heyya people!! yeah, it was finally the time, the time of starting school. I've didn't go to school since August 26th 2013, so i was very excited!!

Monday January 6th 2014
My alarm when for over 3 times, because I was too lazy to wake up early. It was around 9:15 am when I got out of bed. I did my thing, and I went to school, I was so excited and also kinda nervous. My host mom (Carmen) brought me to school. I was at school around 11 am, and I came there and they putted me in team RED. I got to know a lot of new people from seriously everywhere; Denmark, Norway, Czech, Venezuela, Belgium, China, France, from all different ages :D. When I gave my passport, we sat in the sun till the buss came. I sat next to a girl from Norway, she was sweet and nice! Then we went to the pier at Redondo Beach, it was a nice weather and some other awesome people and I ate at a restaurant. It was cool because a few scenes from the tv show The O.C. where recorded there. I didn't even know that show, but it was still awesome. The tour was over after that. I went after that to the grocery store with Justine (Belgium) and Natascha (Norway), we bought some stuff like food and shampoo. We also went to Starbucks together. I had also to wait for my host mom that came to pick me up. We went on our way back to the house, to the school from her grandchildren. They're so cute! We had taco's for diner, and i've never had those before (shame on me) and Alex (he's the son of Carmen and has 2 children) showed me the bike that I can use to go to school. I watched Glee after that and I went to sleep.

Tuesday January 7th 2014
I woke up at 10:00 am, because my school started at 2:30 pm. I was a little bored in the morning, because I didn't know a lot of people and I was home alone. I watched some Netflix and did my hair + make-up. Oh and I had a Nutella sandwich :D, of course! I went to school around 1:45 pm, because I didn't know how long the bike ride was gonna take. I was way too early at the school but it was okay, I met Lotte from the Netherlands and we talked. When it was 2:30 pm, I went to my class, I'm in a mixed class and there are only guys in the class, yeey happy me.. (-.-). We talked about a lot of stuff and we also had to introduce ourself, it was fun. Those guys are awesome. The 2nd class was iLab, but because of the bonfire, we were able to leave class early. So around 4:30 pm, we went to the buss and we went to the beach near by LAX (the airport). It was fun, we had pizza (yuk!), I ate pizza because I was starving and we sat around a fire. There was also a dance competition, and Lotte won a trip to Las Vegas. I also hung out with Bas, Brechtje (& Lotte), other people from the Netherlands. We had a lot of fun. When we got back in Redondo, we went to the grocery store for a drink and a little snack and to Starbucks for hot chocolate, yummy! I also had to ride my bike home, in the dark, without having a light on my bike.. Little dangerous but I got home safely :D. When I got back home, I Skyped Sunny from Germany in Minnesota and we had a lot of fun!! I updated my blog (haha, lol) and I went to bed!

Hugs, Nacinda <3

 Denmark - Belgium - Belgium - Norway - The Netherlands !!

 My part of the room!

I'm the princes :D biatch

 Redondo :D

 Redondo Pier

 Redondo Beach

STROOPWAFELS @ a Grocery store

 EF School


 My first taco :D

 love it (those paintings are mine (orange & fish one)

 Barbara St. yeah mine


 Mine and Lotte's dirty sandy feet

 Bike at night!

 DUTCHIES rules the place
Bas - Brechtje - Lotte - Nacinda

 Peace in classroom

 Sunsets are so pretty here!

Bonfire place.

Team RED!

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