zondag 2 februari 2014

Academic Year #4

This is about my 4th week here in Redondo Beach, it's weird, the time goes by so fast and i'm improving my English like crazy. I don't post like much because that's gonna be so boring. Cold hugs from California. Because the last week was cold!

About my week: January 28th - February 2nd 2014 
There was a new Dutch guy (Leon), so I showed him around. It was fun, because the other friends were there too. We went to Arby's.
I didn't do something special this week. I made a video about my life, I'll link it down here too. I bought a Apple keyboard for my iPad and I went shopping in Manhattan Beach with Martine. I had a lot of fun last week. It was just one of those weeks that I really can't write anything special about.
At sunday night, I watched a movie with my host family and had diner. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun with those amazing people!
And of course, I watched a lot of Netflix. I showed my blog to my class too! They were excited. We also had a sub at Friday and I showed my video to them, we had also a project and I made poster.
Sunday was the Super Bowl and Lotte's bday. I went to The Cheesecake Factory at lunch time and had carrot cake. We went to Phils house to watch the Football game, we were a little bit to late so I missed the beginning.. It was so great to see because i've never seen something like that before. The sea hawks won! Yeahh go Seattle!


 Fun :D

Beach Babe

beach selfie!


 Love those kids!



 Super Bowl


& Alex

 YumYum froyo




 Who cares - NOBODY CARES :D

 Los Angeles


I miss my baby .. ;(

Socks :D

 iPad keybord.

 Shopping :D

 On My WAY.

 Way too much cars


 Starbucks Ice Coffee

 Alabama Car


 McDonalds :)





Carrot Cake <3

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