maandag 10 februari 2014

Academic Year #5

Yeah this was already my 5th week, and my second month in the US is already over. The time flies by when you're having fun. Let's talk about my week!

monday 2/3/2014
Today I went to the movies with Marloes and Martine, we have seen 'That Awkward Moment'. Yes the one with Zac Efron in it. It was an okay movie, i've laught very loud at some points but it was also kinda boring.
I had my first swim practice in the evening, I was nervous because it was kind of a tryout and I didn't have practice for like 2 months or something. It went pretty good though, so I'm on the team!! yeah go Nacinda go! It is at Beach Cities in Redondo Beach!

tuesday 2/4/2014
I went to the Sports Authority with Bas in the morning because my classes started at 1 pm. I bought a lot of swim stuff, a bag, kick board, zoomers, snorkel etc. I've the most awesome bag in the world because it's so big! I had to hurry in the afternoon because my classes were over at 5:20 pm and practice starts at 5:30 pm. Oh and i had my level test today!

wednesday 2/5/2014
nothing special today, just school and swimming practice :). Ohh and Rebecca Soni was at the swim practice, it was so great. She was there to tell us her story about her goal and dreams and how she reached it. I didn't even know who she was but she's an inspirational, just like every Olympic swimmer! Go Rebecca :)

thursday 2/6/2014
nothing special today either, slept in and hurried to the swimming pool!

friday 2/7/2014
i did not go to practice today because i was so tired. I had a party in my class, it was fun. We played some stupid/funny games and ate some snacks. It was the last day in my C1 level. I still have the same class though. I kind of love my class right now, it was just a 'get to know each other better and it'll be fine' thing. Martine and I watched the sunset at the beach and we talked. We both kinda needed the quietness at the beach. We built our own little party at my house, nothing like a party and had fun in my small tiny bedroom that I share with Emma (host sis). I went to bed early because I just fell asleep.

saturday 2/8/2014
i slept in today and that was so fine. I also did laundry, and went out with my bike by myself. I grabbed a ice coffee at Starbucks and bought some stuff at Walgreens that I needed (like shampoo and bandages). The package from my parents arrived today, I was so happy and excited. There was all that stuff for my bike and a lot of fooood, now my bike looks a lot better!! yeah!!

sunday 2/9/2014
today I went out for brunch with a guy of my class. I had an croissant. I also went to the theatre (again), this time for the movie Frozen (again). It's one of the most amazing Disney movies, I LOVE IT. -do you wanna build a snowman- hahaha :). I FaceTime'd a few friends in the afternoon and went to bed early because I don't want to be so tired in the afternoon.

monday 2/10/2014
today was an okay day. I went to the beach with a donut in my hand and Martine at my side (haha) and we just sat there. School was okay, I have to make a powerpoint about the Lalaurie Mansion, brrr that's a scary thing! I had also practice in the afternoon, and it made me feel happy. I'm not official a member of the team!

The swim practices are different here, they do less with technic and more at race pace. It's another point of view, and it's not right or wrong. I have to get used to it and every practice i get better. I love to swim and it's a part of me, a part of my life. Something that nobody ever could take away from me, because it's something of me. If you understand what I mean. Hug.

here comes the pictures! It's not right, it's not wrong, it's just different.

" no matter where you are, you always take yourself with you and things will not be easy "

pajama :)



 Sandy feet :)

 Happy family :) just random people


 sea !

 Birds a over the place!

 Peace out bitches

Snapchat selfie

 Martine, Ik & Marloes

 That awkward moment

 Bus back :)


 New bag

 Prospect Ave.

 Pool outside

 Wet hair

 Rain :)

 My favorite

 & Aileen - PARTY



 Beach photoshoot!

 & Martine

 Duckface everything

 Outside !

 The Pier

 Beautiful isn't it! torture to be here!

 Where am i going to put this stuff...

 Autodrop yumyum

 European pose > THUMBS UP :)

 ready to go :)

 On My Way 2 the pool

 the stuff for: 'forever alone' day

Pimped bike :)

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