vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Academic Year #6 / #7

About my week in Redondo. Yeah. Nothing much to say.

I'm in  class right now, and the teacher is handsome -hahaha.

I only had some practice the last weeks. I didn't do anything special!
But i just felt like posting something, because i'm still alive guys :)

monday 2/10/2014. I went to the beach and made some great pictures. This was the first week of my new level. Advanced 2 (C1.1)

tuesday 2/11/2014. Nothing special :)

wednesday 2/12/2014. I went with my wedges to school and I ate Autodrop during class. It was fun. The lessons of new teacher are weird but fun.

thursday 2/13/2014 . I straight my hair with my flat iron-thing and had a normal day at school. it was the day before Valentine. We did such weird things in class.

friday 2/14/2014. I had no practice today, oh well, i dint't go. I had my own little 'party' with Martine after school. We ate cookies, ice cream and celebrated Forever Alone Day. It was a fun day :). During my lecture, we talked about Marijuana.

saturday 2/15/2014. Today was an okay day. I went to Cosco with my host mom, Phil and Martine. We also went to the Dutch American store :). It was fun.
I also had a sleepover at Brechtje & Lotte's place and we had also a little party and a random bday of some American friends. I fell asleep at 6 am in the morning on the couch next to Brechtje.

saturday 2/16/2014. It was: being tired day. Blew, i had not enough sleep. I had lunch at a pizza place and I ate breadsticks with garlic. I went to bed early but i couldn't sleep..

monday 2/17/2014. I was so happy because we had a three day weekend because it was presidents day! I had lunch with Martine at In-N-Out Burger and we had our shopping trip in the Del Amo mall. I bought Steve Madden shoes and a Victoria's Secret body splash. Oh and I also had practice that night. I was so sore and tired!

tuesday 2/18/2014. I had those day, you start late and then i've to hurry to the pool.. I had lunch with a bunch of friends at Goodstuff across the street from the school. I only had cheese cake though. Classes were okay and practice was tiring. I called my brother on FaceTime during class, that was a little bit awkward :)

wednesday 2/19/2014. Normal day, I did my laundry for the first time in my life. It's easy. I also enjoyed swim practice even though i didn't understand all of it what the coaches said :).

thursday 2/20/2014. I slept for 12 hours, that's a miracle. I FaceTime'd my parents too.The worst thing was; I was still tired! The practice this night was horrible but so much fun. I almost threw up because we had to swim underwater and than a lot of butterfly. Now my stomach feels like they actually have a six pack. Go me :)

friday 2/21/2014. Today was the last day of a lot of students at EF, there was a sad goodbye.. A lot of people are going to leave this weekend so is Martine.. I had lunch at subway and McDonald's, yayy. Marloes also came over and we watched a lot of pictures. It was a nice but sad day.

 My pen-thing


 Another selfie

 With Martine <3

 My ring




 Heels :D

 Class selfie

 Pink socks

 Are you kidding, never seen this before!

 Pink Skirt

 Part of the team dudeee



 Fits me nice


 My fav street


 Made by Martine :D



 Quote of the day


 Heineken :)

 That bag of popcorn is HUGE

 My fav. store here!

 WOEHOE excited

 Dutch flag :)

 & Yannik

 & Gabe

 & Brechtje

 & Lotte & Brechtje

 Dutch food rules the place



 In-N-Out Burger

 Shopping selfie :)

 Steve madden shoes :)

Swimming selfie :)

 FROYO again

 This fails so so hard because Amsterdam is a city and so is Gouda! wattafack.

 For my collection

 Nice weather selfie

 Watching Pretty Little Liars together with my host sis :)

 Clean bed, HAPPY ME

 Hello, i'm your new laundry girl :D

 Subway -Eat Fresh


& Stefan :D

Albus is cute for the first time :)

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