maandag 17 maart 2014

Academic Year #10 (springbreak version.)

Livin' the springbreak life, party, swimming, beach, sun, friends, being happy. love it.
I ain't going home soon.

wednesday 12 march 2014
The weather was so nice today! I slept in and I woke up late. I had lunch with some lovely friends at a sushi place near by the school. Marloes, Lotte, Lilly and I went to Hermosa beach. It was fun! I forgot the time tho, so I was to late for swim practice.. stupid me.. When I got back home, I changed clothes, took a shower and went to the Days Inn. We had fun, I went to the McDonalds at 10:30 PM at night and I spent the rest of the night on the couch :D.

thursday 13 march 2014
I had a relax day, it didn't start that early. I cleaned my room, FaceTime'd, relaxed and had practice. I kinda died at practice but it was fun.. I went to bed early, I needed sleep!

friday 14 march 2014
Woohoo Friday! I had lunch with Bart, Marloes & Lilly but I couldn't find the garage key so I had no bike.. I had to walk to school, I was so pissed because of that. I promised myself that I never walk again to school, and I had to walk. It was nice though! I had practice that night and went to the DaysInn. Party night :). I had the weirest night ever, but it was so much fun. I fell asleep at 6 AM in the morning. It was the last night of Lotte's roomie Camilla.. sadness.

saturday 15 march 2014
my day started at 9, yeah count that; I had 3 hours of sleep but was still full of energy! I went to the beach with Lotte. Marloes and Ryan came later. It was nice to have a girl to girl day :). I got sunburned so bad, my back looks like a weird cow.. I layed on my bed for a little bit, had diner and went back to the days inn, Lotte Brechtje and I had a girls-night. Fun!

sunday 16 march 2014
i woke up around 9 am, and had a donut for breakfast. Lotte, Brechtje and I went to Hermosa Beach. Suddenly everybody came, Joost, Bart, Marloes, Lilly, Christina.. Busy! The sea was so nice, I love the waves!! We stayed for like 8 hours at the beach. I got a tan, it's great, love it!
I had diner and I fell asleep i was too tired to stay up late :).

monday 17 march 2014
i woke up at 10:30 am. I watched 2 movies and I swim practice. I letterly did nothing today :D. haha.

 sushi love

 yummie mac chicken

 Phantom, hondje <3

 hahaha i am a spook

 Let's have some dry land :D

 And of course some diner :)

 haha Joost we all love you:D. shitty selfie

 me & brechtje in the Walgreens

 Me and Joost :D

 & Marloes


 ain't the right way.

 reach out for the moon and fall between the stars.

 yehh, it's defenetly an addiction.

 beach friend's

 sunset at Hermosa

Panorama <3

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