zondag 23 maart 2014

Academic Year #11 (2nd week sprinkbreak)

This is about my last week of springbreak. I was a nice calm week. I didn't do anything special. :D

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tuesday march 18 2014
My day started late, I need some sleep though. I think I just layed in my bed and checked my phone. You know, instagram, whatsapp, snapchat, iMessage, Facebook, twitter etc. i'm freaking serious, people are stalking me like crazy, teenagers right now have a busy life! thanks!
I drove my bike to the Days-Inn and I did some shopping at Walgreens. I had that weird but great idea to dip dye my hair pink, so I did it :D! I also bought some other stuff like hair-thing-ies. Lotte dyed my hair, and it was fun! We all were so bored, so it kept us busy. Everybody said that I was crazy, but I was just listening to myself, because I wanted it and nobody else has to wear the pink dip dye. Anyway, I had a fun night and went back home on time!

wednesday march 2014
I had a nice night of sleep! Lotte & Brechtje were in Santa Monica and Venice so I spent the day with Joost! We sat next to the pool at the Days-Inn and we swum in the pool. The pool was freezing cold, brrr! It was so much fun though. It really felt like vacation! We had lunch at McDonalds and diner at a cheep Mexican place :D.

thursday march 19 2014
today was Santa Monica day for me! I met up with Joost and I made a huge fail. I let both of my keys inside my house and I locked the door.. Yeah, Nacinda, good job. I had the garage remote so I was still able to grab my bike, lucky me! Joost and I sat in the bus to Santa Monica and we stopped in Venice Beach. Joost bought a skateboard (a penny, or whatever), happy face :D. I was planning to meet up with Chris (exchange student in Idaho), but we couldn't find each other. Finally after like 1 hour, we found each other. We had fun, we went into a ride at the pier (roller coaster thing) and shopping. Joost left earlier, so Chris and I had some time together. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. I kinda needed it to hang out with somebody from my age and my kinda thinking, you know.. I also met Inger's (exchange student in Nevada) host dad, what a small world!! I had to take the bus back to Redondo, it took me 2 hours, but it was fun. I almost fell asleep in the bus, I was extremely tired and my feet hurt like crazy. I came home, had diner and fell asleep in my bed! I miss my exchange student friends, never forget all of you! xxxx.

friday march 20 2014
My day started at 10 o'clock because I set my alarm. I returned a iPhone case that I bought earlier that week (my second though said that it was not worth the money), so I got all the money back. Lucky me, probably because of my smile & pink hair (JUST KIDDING). I didn't know what to do so I went to the days inn and met up with Lotte. We went to Big Lot and had ice cream at a ice cream place. It was nice, have some alone time together. I went home probably around 4 o'clock because i needed to go to swim practice. It was kinda nice because my real coach wasn't there. Somebody else (sorry, forgot the name) was there, he said that I did a good job. That's always nice to hear and gives you a positive boost! I had a sleep over at Lotte's place, love that couch <3.

saturday march 21 2014
I fell asleep after I woke up. It was a nice night, feel okay about it. Lotte and I had lunch at McDonalds, be both were starving like hell. Brechtje couldn't go because her eye is inflamed (?) (google.translate you suck). It was fun, I had a smoothie (omygosh i want a smoothie right now so badly) and a bacon burger thing. I also bought 5 nail polishes at Wallgreens for $5,- whoohoo love my life (see instagram). I went home and did my laundry, I felt so good that I did it. Everything is clean right now, but I mean everything! Even my bed sheets! I FaceTime'd Tall-A that night and when I was planning on sleeping, Annemarijn (BFF) came with the FaceTime question. Annemarijn and I FaceTime'd for 45 minutes till she had to go.. I miss you babe! I fell asleep at 1:something.

sunday march 22 2014
I set my alarm but I though 'screw you' so a fell back asleep again, it was 11:23 am when I finally woke up. I cleaned my room and I put the dry clothes back in my closet, ate breakfast (peanut butter/chocolate flakes (vlokken) sandwich) and relaxed for a bit. I had 1 hour till I had to leave for the clinic. I left the house around 12:30 pm for the Rebecca Soni and Ariana Kukors clinic. I was close by my house (15 min by bike). It was amazing, I've learned a lot. I kinda needed an inspirational thing. I came at the right time! Thank you! Amazing what you can do in 2 hours. I'm so greatful that I was able to go. I also felt 'peaceful' when I left the building. I went to Target after the clinic, I mean it was next door :D. I bought food (just snacks) and laundry soap. I came home and I cleaned my room, prepared my bag for school tomorrow and took a shower. I wrote a lot of cards too, for my friends, my lovely friends that are always there for me! I had left over salad for diner and updated my blog (haha lol) before I went to bed.
Goodnight & have an awesome week great people!

here some pictures:
 Pink hair selfie at the busstation at LAX


 It was so dark pink

 Thumbs upp

 oh my gosh, my eyes <3

 another one


 brade looks cute too


 * Friendo's



 Redbull car :)

 Vacation !

 Made by joost


 Yes,  i am the crazy girl

 With my new case that i brought back because yeah.. i don't know:


 I wanna be a mermaid.

 i took joost with me :D


 Venice beach

 Santa Monica


 Chris <3.<3

 Santa Monica Beach





 This was my McDonalds week

 LAX sign

My new 'AWESOME' sweater!




 I needed it !!


 Clinic <3

 Me - Rebecca - Ariana

 All time favorite ICEE

 I'm up to date guys

and whatteheck is wrong here! my schedule is screwed up!

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