zondag 30 maart 2014

Academic Year #12 (first swim meet)

The week that I failed my level test, saying goodbye to Lilly and my first swim meet with Beach Cities.
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monday 24 March 2014
My alarm went off at 7:15 AM, guess what. My springbreak was over and school started again.. I looked up at my.ef.com and my schedule was messed up. I went to school at 8 am, waited and suddenly, I had to make the level test again. I didn't get anything of the test, and I failed big time. I had a little break down after it so I talked to my dad through FaceTime. I went to my new class, same teacher and same stuff.. BORING! Yeah really.. not my day.. I didn't have any gap-hours anymore so I was done with school at 12:50 AM. I went out for lunch and went to Target with Marloes. We drunk a ICEE and sat and talked. It was fun. I went back home after Target and right to the pool, swim practice!! It was nice and heavy, I get used to it.. It felt so great. Love my team!

tuesday 25 March 2014
It was a normal basic day. I woke up very late and I FaceTime'd my brother. I miss you bro! We had a very nice conversation and I had fun, like we always have. I went to Albertsons for lunch and ate it at school, with Marloes because she was sitting there. I had my first Business Fundamentals 3Z class, it was interesting. The teach was like: ".. yeah because you all are over-aged (18 and older)." haha nope, i am not :D. My normal English classes were boring.. Blew. I had practice that night and I went straight from school to the pool (9 min). I fell asleep 'early' (around 11pm).

wednesday 26 March 2014
Early classes today, alarm at 7:15 AM and I left my bed at 7:50 AM or something. My normal English classes were normal. I also had academic writing, I had to write about my springbreak, and I think that it went pretty well! We shall see :D. I went to the post office after school, because I really want to know what happened with my package. They couldn't help me farther, they only give me the copy of the signature.. I think it's the guy that lives downstairs, that has it. I went home to ask some neighbors and they didn't know anything. Strange. Anyway, I had practice, and somehow, I'm always tired after dry land, before we even started the swim practice haha lol. I talked with Emma that night and went to sleep.

thursday 27 March 2014
This day was so short. Just because I woke up at 11:25 AM.. I left the house at 12:30 AM and had lunch at school from Albertsons. Business English was fun, we learned sentences that they use in business. Interesting. "I agree up to a point, but.." or "I have some reservations about..." or "I'm not sure that would work." haha who in the world use those sentences!? My normal English classes were boring but fun with Lotte. Yeah we're in the same class. I went to the pool directly after school, I hurried but I was just on time. The 2,5 hour practice was so long..! I made my own diner that night, eggs (complete failure) and chicken nuggets (actually, Emma made those). I officially can't cook, hahaha. It's a fact now :D.

friday 28th March 2014
Happy birthday to my best friend forever in the Netherlands; Annemarijn! My day stared early, but that's better, than I feel like I seized the day or something. I did treats at my normal English classes; "If you do that again, I will attack you with my unicorn and you will poop rainbows for the rest of your life." NAILED IT :D. And I played poker, it's all about the pokerface. I won 4 times :D. Go Nacinda go. I had lecture with Brechtje and we learned the word deranged. It means insane or crazy. It's our word now, so ask me if you want to use it too :'D.  I went to TheSwimGuy after school with Marloes, I bought fins and a Beach Cities tshirt. I also wanted to order a jacked but I didn't have a enough money, so I have to go back. I bought a swim suit at Sport Authority for 20 bucks :D, I love sale. I had diner at the Cheesecake Factory, because it was Lilly's last night *sad face*. It tasted good. I saw Alex (my host mom's son) and Baylen (his son) too, it was so funny. I great night of sleep.

saturday 29th March 2014
I woke up around 11 AM and went to the Days Inn to wave Lilly goodbye. It was a chill day, but still kinda sad! I didn't do anything special. I chilled at my house and packed my bag for the the meet on sunday. Emma's friends came over for a little bit and I fell asleep right after they left. It was at that time 9 PM haha. tiredness.

sunday 30 March 2014
Sometimes you have those moments that you want to kill alarms. My dad was like: you had a chill saturday, today you have to stand up early for the meet, what's the problem. I said: there are not for nothing 2 days of weekend. ha.ha. My alarm went off at 5:30 AM. It wasn't that bad because I had a good night of sleep. Laurens mother picked me up around 6:15 AM and we drove to the swimming pool next to the USC collage. I had to swim a 200y backstroke, 400y medley, 200y breast and a 1000y freestyle. I ripped my €400,- Arena CarbonPro, I just went swimming with it. I'm going for Speedo the next time. No offense agains Arena, your swimsuits break so fast though.
My results:
200y back: 2:24,61 (2nd place)
400y medley: 5:06,19 (3rd place)
200y breast: 2:39,55 (1st place)
1000y free: ihavenoidea between 12 and 18 min (3rd place)
I went back with Keiko and her mom, we drove to honeyboba and had a drink. I came home and there was nobody, amazing. I unpacked my back and drove to the ice cream place where Emma works and I had a froyo :D. I ate chicken nuggets and chilled. oh and i downloaded music and update'd my blog!


 Fresh fruit! <3

 eggs with potato :)

 Target w/ Marloes

 Forever RC


 Pic of the day :) w/ Bart & Marloes

 Sunglasses > 16 & fabulous

 And we're gonna swim againnnn

 Chelsea's class

 My bike after practice


 Almost empty

 Thanks Brechtje hahahahah DERANGED :)

 & Marloes waiting for luck (green/white light)

 big ass Target

 NEW <3

 Dress up tonight

 Cheesecake Factory selfie

 & Samuel :)

 & Gabe

 Hahahahah FaceTime in the same room w/ Brechtje

 Oeeeew Pretzel love


 SWIM stadium

 It was a olympic pool, one day

 sun rise :D


 Excited !

 Team !!!

 2nd !



 FroYo at Emma's place yummie

 Miss Disney w/ my BC shirt :)


'Bout to cry.

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