zondag 2 maart 2014

Academic Year #8

Hello, goodmorning, good evening, whatever :D.
My eight week already, yeah time flies! I'm almost for 100 days in the US and I almost have SpringBreak! woohooo
Anyway, this is about my 8th week of my Acadamic Year! Enjoy! 

saturday 2/22/2014
I had a moment this moment. I really wanted to stay in my bed because I was sad although I called my parents on FaceTime. They made my get up and go to the pool. I don't regret going because it was great, the sun was shining in my face and it felt just like vacation. It was a hard practice though, we had to lift buckets with water in squat position and stuff like that.
I didn't do anything special the rest of the day. I went to target to do 'grocery's', I bought deodorant, clothes hangers, etc. I met a guy in the Target, haha it was just kinda random. We talked for a little bit because I was in the laundry/soap section and he was asking what I was doing there. I had family diner and talked to Emma. 

sunday 2/23/2014
Sunday, yeah, my social day. I made it up with Brian, and we Skyped. It was great, like nothing happens. "What doesn't kill things, make things stronger." I also FaceTime'd my parents, Doran, Raoul & Dominic. Oh and I also went outside to buy a XXL Diet Coke at the 7-Eleven. I took a shower too and cleaned my room, very important!
Well, that was my lazy sunday! 

monday 2/24/2014
I just had school. Noting really special happened. I had as lunch Sack on the Beach (because it was free) and FroYo (what I ate on the beach). I also met Brechtje's friend Joost, and we sat on the beach till I had my spin class. We had a sub, it was so much fun with Samuel (France) and the rest of the class! And of course, I had practice in the evening!

tuesday 2/25/2014
I had late school today, and I just relaxed in the morning! When I got at school we had my Vocab class, it was fun but also boring. We talked about movies, and I don't know any movies or movie stars (I only watch Disney, hihi lol). I FaceTimed Annemarijn during my brake, but we weren't done so I FaceTimed in class too. I had iLab so it didn't really matter. We should had a test today, but the printer was broken. Everybody happy of course! There're also two new guys in my class, both from the Netherlands. Dutchies rule the place! <3 We talked about animals and it was funny because we didn't know the translation to Dutch of a lot of animals.
I had practice in the evening, it was nice but hard, as always!

wednesday 2/26/2014
Today was the birthday of my pretty and amazing friend Dini and I broke my arm exactly 1 year ago (and I say this because my wrist still hurts).
My day started around 7:15 AM, but as always, I get out of bed around 7:45 haha. I had class today and of course a gap hour. It was not really special, we were reading a very boring thing and we were also telling each other funny stories about animals, yeah. I had 2 hotdogs ($1,- hotdog wednesday) and FroYo. My spin class was fun, we made a lot of funny snapchats because there was still a sub. I'm gonna miss the sub, he's nicer! I watched some Glee and cleaned my room when I got home. I went to practice after that. We had like a 'horrible' practice because some people weren't listening and talking so we had to run down and up the stairs for over 20 minutes, I can't see any stairs anymore. We also did a lot of racepace during swimming. I'm so sorry and tired.
When I got home, I updated my blog, watched Netflix and went to bed early!

thursday 2/27/2014
My day started late although I woke up around 5 am. I was so flabbergasted because the lights were on and it was dark outside and there was nobody in the room, kinda creepy. I didn't do anything special in the morning, little bit of cleaning. I went to school and had my vocab. class. Today was one of those there were I was in my own 'zone'. The normal English class was fun, we had to make our own disaster video. We also had to make a sentence in the 3rd conditional matching with it. It was funny because our video was so bad! I went home directly after school and had swim practice, in my own little zone/world. Practice was okay, it was heavy as always. When I got home, my room was a mess because Carmen (host mom) was cleaning. I was a little bit confused and upset, so I had to clean everything again. I also took a shower and went to bed early!

friday 2/28/2014
wow last day of the month already! time flies! I woke up last morning and it was raining extremely loud! I'm not kidding! When I got to school, there were only 2 other bikes. Guess what, Lotte's & Brechtjes bike were there, go dutchies! I had lunch at the Mexican place across the street. I also grabbed a coffee at Starbucks after it. I had an Caffe Americano, very strong. It started raining again on my way home. It didn't bother me so much because I kinda liked it. I was watching Netflix and wrote an essay. I also went to 7-Eleven for a large Diet Coke. I had family diner, listened to music, snapchatted some friends and went to bed!

saturday 3/1/2014
I slept in last morning. I had practice and it was boring, we swum a lot of 12x200y and 16x75y. I went to the theatre with Marloes.I got a ride to the busstation. We were planning on going to the Ice Skating Rink, but we couldn't find it.. We went shopping, a little bit. We were at the BedBath&Beyond, nice store. Marloes and I went to the movie: 'About Last Night'. The movie was so long! Oh and it took me 1,5 hour to get back; 45 min waiting, 20 min bus & 25 min walking. I watched Pretty Little Liars and went to bed!

 on my way

 My bag !

 the sun is shining

 haha see the helmet!


Lohan's 5S& My 5


 outfit selfie! ZEBRA

 The Pier

 Memorial park - Redondo Pier

 Outside pool




In class 


 on my way


 bed time

 Beach, made by Martine!

 my bestie

 Dutchies rule my C1.2 class. Me - Bart - Joost




 My favorite rubber bracelets

 bad weather

 hahahah my test :D > see 4

 Cinderella loves coffee

 Hope sweater, bought in Salt Lake

 You'll be in my heart <3

 Pity party, poor me. > rain

 hahah on my way to the theatre



 that's where i was.. ;O

 outfit of the day


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