dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Academic Year #9

Haha this proud Dutchie is gonna post another blogpost! About school and stuff like that. This is gonna be so interesting :D

sunday march 2rd
it was the birthday of the mother of Baylen & Olyvia so I had cake from cheese cake factory. It was really good! the rest of the day was pretty normal =D

monday march 3rd
nothing really special happened. I had my weekly level test and iI also had a sub for my spin class. He was nicer! Me and Samuel made a lot of pictures and snapchats. Friends! I also had swim practice at night. Oh and I had a flat tire! it was horrible! I also Skype'd a friend from Indiana!

tuesday march 4th
I had my first morning swim practice last morning, it was a whole new experience. It was nice. I was so tired though. I also had my level test and a presentation (about Indiana) and another swim practice. I fell asleep at 9:30 that night!

wednesday march 5th
Yeah my 16,5 bday :D. So funny! I had a frozen yogurt that day and we made some snacks for international day. We made boterkoek and kruitnootjes, it's Dutch! I went to Long Beach that night and had diner. I came home at 10 pm because I had swim practice the next morning.

thursday march 6th 
it was way too early again! 4:45 AM. I had practice again and I again, exhausted. My day was kinda normal. We learned the word fucked, to use in so many different ways. Pretty interesting and a lot of fun. We were decorating the room for international day and I had diner with some friends at 'Good Stuff'!

friday march 7th 2014
It was international day today! Yes, our Dutch room SUCKED but the day in general was great! So many different kinds of food and cultures, amazing. After some performances was the day done. I went to Yogurtland and went to the beach. I went swimming too, yolo moment! I ate at McDonalds with Marloes and Bart and some other people :D. We hanged out at the Days Inn and went back home! Was a great day & night!

saturday march 8th 2014
My alarm went off at 10 am, I had practice! I got a tan, it's crazy, my skin is so tanned! I also went to the beach that day with Marloes & Lotte. I grabbed my stuff and went back to my house and told my host mom that I had a sleepover. I went to Lotte's place, and Lotte's boyfriend brought us to Del Amo Fashion center. I went to the AT&T and I diner with Lotte. We talked and had fun like friends! I had great night! SPRING BREAK STARED, 2 WEEKS OFF!

sunday march 9th 2014
Marloes and I went to Starbucks and Yogurtland and we had a great time together! I also had the swim dance/thing-y. It was so much fun and interesting. I liked the food and all the people were dressed up so nice!
I went to bed early because I was extremely tired

monday march 10th 2014
My chill day! I grabbed a drink at 7Eleven and watched some Netflix. Talked to Raoul on FaceTime! I hung out at the Days-Inn for a bit and watched some movies. Love those days & the weather is so nice too!

tuesday march 11th 2014
nothing much going on this day. I watched some Netflix and FaceTime'd my parents. I was extremely tired. I also went to the pool and had a 2,5 hour practice and swum a mile breastroke (1.6 km). I went to bed early because 
I was exhausted of everything; little kids running and yelling around, managing every on my own, people telling me what to do and what not to do, kids that pissing me off, swim practices where i don't understand everything, late nights and early mornings. Anyway, I still like everything here though, it's just though sometimes. that's all i wanted to say.

ohh and by the way, i've till the end of march an 8 hour time difference with the Netherlands instead of 9!


 Me & Charles, the teacher that's gonna take a break.



 Love this pic

photo shooot

 cold :D

I'm gonna own that place ;D



 Little duck face is always good.

 Friends! & Samuel :D\


 Extremely flat tire

 Hello hello selfie

 beautiful morning practice!

 Same sweater brother :D
 For my 16,5 bday :D

 Fatty cat (snapchat by Brechtje)

 Brechtje is in the house of Marloes ^^

 queeen mary

 long beach <3

 how to fuck :D

 stroopwafel invasie

 setting up the room

 & Brechtje

 Leon & brechtje

 International dayyy

 Dutch room




 Saudi Arabia

 Random snapchat with Marloes & Bart

 & Marloes

 Beach <3

 Hi there

 Lotte was trowing some food on her friend. distance sucks :D

 street was nice :)




 more food


 Sweet girl!

 Swim party!

 & Elle!

 Shitty day selfie\



 Perfect tan!

hahaha ik plette Bart selfie.

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