zondag 6 april 2014

Academic Year #13 (4months)

This is going to be a blog 'bout my week in the US. I started my 4th month already, time goes fast as h*ll. It's crazy, I'm almost halfway through my 'year'.. Anyway, this is about my normal normal week in Redondo Beach. The cold and windy week.

Monday March 31, 2014
I wanted to kill my alarm so badly this morning, like every morning when my classes start early. It was a boring day, we did the same in class nothing very special. I went to TheSwimGuy to buy a parka and to change my broken Arena. I didn't change the Arena, but I had to call back the next day.. That made no sense people. I bought a parka, and I went to South Bay Galaria and I bought new clothes. Not much though. I had swim practice that night. I was so excited because I had finally fins to swim with instead of zoomers. My calfs started hurting so bad though, that was a bad thing.. I went to bed kinda early you know.. !

Tuesday April 1, 2014
Today was April's fools whoohoo. Nobody fooled my though, yeah I'm too good! I had to wake up early because I had to make the level test again. It was 9 o'clock. I was at school at 10, and I made the placement test again, that sucked though because I've made that test like 3 times right now. Stupid EF (no offense). I decided to stay at school till 1 pm, because my lessons were starting then. Blew boring, I was so done with school. I had practice that night too, it was fun.

Wednesday April 2, 2014
The classes started early this day, again.. I hate early class so much. My bed is way too comfy! Classes were boring, because it was all the same like the whole time. I like my spin classes though, there're nice because I actually learn something new and it doesn't feel like a huge waste of time. I went to Yogurtland after school with Brechtje, Lotte & Joost. It was yummie because it was such a long time since I had a frozen yogurt. I went back to school and I chilled with Marloes, Bart, Marcus and Koen. I biked back home and went to the swimming pool. I also went to the Days Inn that night because they were throwing a little party,  it wasn't really that special. 

Thursday April 3, 2014
My stupid alarm went off at 10 AM, and I had breakfast at Starbucks. That was nice, with my croissant, fruit and ice coffee. I took a shower and I chilled a little bit. Somehow I was so tired! I went to school and I had business English first. I went to the academic office in the middle of the class to ask if I passed.. And no.. I didn't, I DIDN'T FREAKING PASS! What the heck, stupid everything. I was totally done with everything at that moment. I went to class and my teacher was picking on me and I couldn't handle it so I just walked out of class and sat on the couch the rest of the period. I went to swim practice that night to get rid of my anger. I fell asleep at 9 that night, goodnight.

Friday April 4, 2014
Alarm whooohoo, 7 am again. I was still exhausted even though I fell asleep so early the evening before. Classes were better this day, we did grammer and we watch a documentary, Miss Representation, I've seen it before though but it's amazing. I had lecture after it with Brechtje, it was fun but boring. Then it was WEEKEND! We had lunch in Lotte's room after I posted a envelop at the post office. They went lazer gaming but I went shopping. I really needed something new, I bought a new pair of pants and shoes for 20$ and I reloaded my prepaid phone plan. I went back home and had practice again. I was extremely tired and my both calfs were cramping again.. Yeah sure.. I went home directly after practice. I unpacked my bag, made my bed ready and myself ready for bed and I fell asleep at 9 AM again. There was no WiFi in the house anyway.

Saturday April 5, 2014
My day started at first at 4:25 am but I fell back asleep again. I woke up at 10:30 am. It was obvious that I needed some rest haha, 13,5 hours of sleep. There was still no WiFi in my house.. I packed my bag because I was planning on sleeping at Lotte's place. I first went to the Starbucks to talk to my parents with a nice cup of ice coffee. I talked for a little bit with them and I went shopping again. I really wanted to buy a new bag. Or the bags were too ugly or too expansive.. yeah, being a picky girl sucks sometimes. I also went to the world market and bough hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles). It was Ryan's bday (Lotte's boyfriend), so there was a party. We went to the party, Lotte (duh of course), Brechtje and I. We stayed there for a little bit, had fun, made some pictures, met some new people and went back home to sleep. It was late/early though haha.

Sunday April 6, 2014
It all started around 9:30 am. It was a great day, I sat outside for a while and enjoyed the amazing weather. I also needed the time just for myself and to think. I went to Denny's for lunch and had a avocado/chicken burger. I drove my bike back home and there was nobody when I came. I wanted to take a shower, but I had to clean the tub first.. blew. I chilled the rest of the day and updated my blog. I wanted to laundry too, but I was way to tired for it. I also hate doing it :D, just because the washmashine is horrible and killing here. I went to bed really early so I had a great start of the week. 

goodnight, good week; amazing people.

here some pictures, i didn't make a lot:

 about leadership


 yeah awesome road

 new sweater

 grilled cheese sandwich

 so happy with dry land

 done again

 feels like 's-gravenzande (hometown) just with a blue sky

 excited :D

 & marloes @ party wednesday

 amazing breakfast

 i love this album, Imagine Dragons. vous ĂȘtes formidable :D


 EF badroom selfie

 tried it on

 Haha fun!

 swimmin' is my life bro.

 for the world cup :)

 My new face :)

 @ ryan's bday selfie

 :D great

 & gabe

 & gabe & brechtje

 wake up face

 yo what's up dude.


me like it <3 i'm ready for the world cup guys, and in style too !! ^^


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