zondag 13 april 2014

Academic Year #14

It all started as a hot week, it got colder at the end. It was a normal week in Redondo. I went to the beautiful beach and school though. Californiaaaa<3

Monday April 7, 2014
It all started around 7:15 am in the morning. I didn't want to leave my bed but I did. I went to school undercover haha, with my hoodie and my bigass sunglasses. It got warmer during the day and the normal english class wasn't that bad as I expected. I went to the beach with friends and we hanged out for a little bit just getting a tan. We also went into the water but there was a rip tie and the life guard came to us to say that there was one. No swimming for us then..! I went home earlier and packed my bag for practice, it started earlier this week because of the High School spring break. Practice was good and the pool looked so nice with the sun shining on it. I went to bed really early because of the tiredness.

Tuesday April 8, 2014
I woke up around 10:00 because of Olivia and Baylen, they were yelling and running around.. Okay then. I FaceTime'd my mom and my brother and went to the beach before school. School was okay, we had to make a fake animal and flyers. It was kinda stupid but also a lot of fun! I met another Dutch guy Floris. Marloes and Floris went with me to the swimming pool to watch me swim, little boring for them but funny for me. I ate at home and went to bed, didn't do anything special.

Wednesday April 9, 2014 
Alarm went of and I went to school. Normal routine of course. It was fun but boring in class, like always. I saw all the stuff for the second time but I tried my best to pay attention. I had a hotdog or 3 for lunch. I ate them all in my academic writing class. I went to Del Amo mall with friends to buy a new Victoria Secret bottle. It was fun, we also ate at this awesome restaurant. I had cheese french fries. I had to hurry to the pool, practice was okay. My diner was also nice, Mexican whoohoo. I went to bed and just layed there. :D oh and of course I slept.

Thursday April 10, 2014
I couldn't sleep in because of the little kids in my house. No offense or something, it's just annoying. I had breakfast and I chilled a little bit in my room. I went to school and Yogurt land before I had class.  Class was kinda fun, we talked about animals and where meat came from. Interesting. Lotte and I are gonna try to eat not meat. It goes well so far :D. I had practice and I was really tired, I always have that at the end of the week. My muscles were so sore because of all the push ups that I did (like more than 100, no kidiin'). Oh and I also signed up for the Cambridge Exam. I wanted to do that for such a long time and I'm finally gonna do it in June. I am so happy because of that.

Friday April 11, 2014
I went to school pretty early because I knew that my package arrived. Thank you so much mom and dad, it's amazing! It still makes it not better that my other package is lost but I'm in love with the candy that my parents send. I talked to the academic office about the TOEFL exam and I'm gonna do that too, that's at least the plan. We did animal trivia in class and watched a documentary about meat, factory farms and animals in the second class. Super interesting to know where everything comes from here in the US. I played ping pong after school and had chips & guacamole. I also met a guy from Switzerland that is younger that I am! WOOHOO! I went home to prepare myself for practice and went to the pool. It was nice, but I was extremely sore. I staighted my hair and went to bed late!

Saturday April 12, 2014
It was so much fun, I could't sleep in today either because of the little kids! Nice! I was extremely bored the whole day long!! I couldn't do laundry because my host mom did laundry, frustration! I Skype'd with Brian and I was just hanging around my bed and in my bed and whatever. I called Lotte if I can come over. We talked and I went to Marloes' house, we (+Floris&Boris) were planning to go to the movie Divergent. Amazing movie! Go if you can go! I went back to the Days Inn and hung out with Lotte and Brechtje again. I went home on my bike and went straight to bed!

Sunday April 13, 2014
Woke up at 10:30 am. Nice time. I stayed in bed till 12 and I made myself brunch. Two slices of toasted bread, 3 eggs with cheese. Perfect. I did my white laundry and I went to Yogurtland with Marloes. It was fun. We also decided to go to Target and Forever 21. I bought a new pair of sweat pants, earphones, kleenex etc. I went back home after it. I made up my bed, dang it, that's like top sport! American beds, please..! It looks amazingly pretty right now (my bed). I FaceTime'd Tall-A for a while to update each other, it was a while since we talked. I tried to remove my gel nail polish and it didn't work. I went on my MacBook, took a shower, talked and went to bed; tired.


 hahaha ping pong with me

 nice nice nice.

 selfie time



This is just perfection. 



 the swimming deck was so nice :)


 Cambridge, whoohoo

That bag is enormous

 Yoo what's up


 h&m friends

 Cheese fries :)

 Thank you Olivia

 haha :D

 found it? private twerk lessons!



 Selfies are defiantly an addition.

 perfection again.


 Nice and warm

 Diet cokeeee


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