zondag 20 april 2014

Academic Year #15

I was not feeling well this week, it ended pretty good. Let's begin, my 15th week in the Academic Year program. less then 4 months to go; still in California and liking it.
Read if you're interested in my week.

Monday April 14, 2014
It all started early in the morning, probably around 7:15 am. I didn't know what to wear so I just wore my RHS sweater (reitz high school, IN). Classes were kinda boring, like always. We had to make a powerpoint about a state, me and Karina choose the state of Vermont. I went to a sushi place with Marloes after school; it was really good. Some friends were planning to go to a book store but I decided to go home and rest. I was not feeling well anyway. I had swim practice and my bike broke after it. I had to walk home after practice that sucked. It was a 30/45 min walk though. I went to bed late because there was a moon eclipse witch was really cool. I also watched the documentary 'The Diary of Anne Frank", interesting!

Thursday April 15, 2014
I woke up and everything went bad. I was extremely tired and my nose was hurting. Even my host mom was asking if I was okay. Uhu, no I was not, I felt so sick. I went to school though, with another bike. I couldn't pay a lot attention and class was boring. I went to the days inn after school instead of the pool because I just couldn't swim. I ate a plate full of veggies and I drove my bike back to my host family. I layed in my bed and tried to sleep.

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Early classes of course! I had class and also academic writing. yeah go school go -.-. I made some new friends and I met Sabrina from Germany! I was so tired after class that I went home directly. I chilled at home and I decided to stay at home because I was feeling awful. I went to bed at probably 4:30PM and fell asleep around 9PM. yeah.

Thursday April 17, 2014
Late classes, I FaceTime'd my dad in the morning. We had great conversation, thanks. I went to school and had business English. I also had my presentation about Vermont. I hope that I have a good grade, I can really use it. I also got my test back and I had 35/35 so that's a A+!! Highest of the class, I was so happy! I didn't go to the pool that night, I just needed a break from everything. I went with Lotte to the McDonalds and we were sitting there for almost 2 hours. We talked and talked. I went back to my host family and I went to bed early. I was just done with everything, sleep was what I needed.

Friday April 18, 2014
I hate morning classes, they just suck!! It was Friday though, almost weekend. The classes on Friday are usually not that bad either! win-win situation. I went to school and we were talking about college. We were talking about education the whole week anyway (again). It was really interesting and the American school system is kinda messed up. I also had a lecture, Lotte was there this time too. Nice, Lotte, Brechtje & I in the same lecture haha lol. When I wanted to go home, my bike was locked with another lock, so I couldn't leave. I had to wait an hour and the EF staff cutted lock and I left. I chilled on my bed and I went to the pool. It was nice to be there again, missed swimming though. I was hoping on going to a party, but everybody was too tired so I did my nails and went to bed..

Saturday April 19, 2014
I woke up around 9:10 AM, or something. I layed in bed and chilled for a little bit. Lotte called me to ask me to go to Venice. That's what I did, I went to Venice Beach with Sabrina, Lotte and Brechtje. It was so much fun! Sabrina and I were talking a lot. We also searched for Ian's house (vampire diaries, Demon), didn't find it though.. The canals are extremely pretty and we took a lot beautiful pictures. Sabrina and I left Venice early and we hung out at the days inn for a little bit. I went home and stayed up till 1:10 and I fell asleep.

Sunday April 20, 2014
Happy Easter people! My Easter was boring though. I made my own breakfast; eggs, cheese and toast. I stayed in bed, watched Vampire Diaries, updated my blog, cleaned my room, FaceTime'd etc. yeah that was kinda my day, boring sunday-days.. Have nice week <3

 Venice so pretty

 yahh my house ^^ haha lol

 palm trees

 aaarhhhh beautiful




 fucking broken bike.


 That's what I saw (just searched it up, a good picture)

 did that in class


 Natural beauty.

 Venice freak show

 & Sabrina


 & Sabrina

easter breakfast!

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