zondag 27 april 2014

Academic Year #16 (Kingsday)

Week 16 already! The week of, average weather, level test practice, swimming, different languages and of course: KINGSDAY! :D

Monday April 21, 2014
It was not the best morning ever. Some people in the house were talking so loud and I woke up at 6:15 AM, serious people! I got out of bed and I had way too much time left.. I was so tired in school! I had a normal day, I brought my mac to school and I wrote a 5 paragraph essay about the movie Frozen.. Interesting. I took Lotte home and we made sandwiches! We were sitting outside for a little while and we talked. I also did Lotte's nails with gel nail polish, and her make-up. So pretty :D! I waved Lotte goodbye and I went to the swimming pool. It was fun! I watched Vampire Diaries at night and went to bed.

Tuesday April 22, 2014
I slept in this morning and I had breakfast. I went to school earlier and I saw that all the guys were watching soccer so I joined. Interesting things going on that screen, I don't understand lol. I had business English first, nice stuff. My English classes were normal and boring. We had to search up a word and see where it came from (witch language). I went to the pool directly after school. I went to bed early.

Wednesday April 23, 2014
Yeah, good morning around 7:30 pm! The classes were so much fun, we had to do a little presentation about each others language. Lotte and I had so much fun with explaining Dutch, because our language just don't make any sense. I had academic writing with Sabrina and Ola, it was fun because we had a sub. We didn't do anything special, we had to write a great statement of purpose or something. Lotte and I went to my house to make a sandwich again, we sat in the sun and watched Vampire Diaries together. Weird but amazing show! Lotte fell asleep and I made myself ready for swimming. I said goodbye and went to the pool, had dry land, swum and went back home! I also got my credit card that night! Yeahoooo! Goodnight.

Thursday April 24, 2014
I think that I FaceTime'd my mom and dad this morning. Haha, lol. It was fun! I bought lunch before school and I had classes. My tuesdays and thursdays are so boring. I'm sorry. I had business english and normal classes. We read a short story, really interesting. I went to the pool directly after school and had practice of course. I had an enchilada for diner and my dad in the Netherlands called it food for the homeless hahahaha I laughed so loud!! I watched VD (vampire diaries) and went to bed, it wasn't that late.

Friday April 25, 2014
Early mornings; busy days. I went to school and had class. We had to do a survey and ask American people about their accent and about the English language. We were done soon, so we went to Jamba Juice and had a smoothie. The rest of the class wasn't that interesting. It was more practicing for the level test. I had a lecture too, we had a boring sub; boring lecture. I went to South Bay Galleria and I went shopping. I bought a few things; shorts, shoes and a curl iron. I went to the Walmart too and I was Lotte and her mom. I hung out with them for a bit and we went to Target. It was so much fun to met Lotte's mom. I went home and I curled my hair. It started raining, too bad! I had a fun night.

Saturday April 26, 2014
I actually spent the day at the DaysInn. It was Kingsday in the Netherlands and I was dressed up in orange the whole day. People must have think: what's going on there. hahaha, amazing. I hung out with Sabrina, it was her last day. It was actually a sad day because so many people were leaving! We went to subway for lunch and bought easter stuff at Walgreens for cheep. We waved Sabrina goodbye and were sad (Samuel, Brechtje and I). I went back home to my host fam and everything was gone from every wall! It's so empty in my house! They're gonna move, don't know when or where. I FaceTime'd Tall-A for a little while and went to bed. I was tired!

Sunday April 27, 2014
I woke up at 10:30 am, pretty nice. I FaceTime'd my parents because I had some questions about the toefl test that I'm gonna make in the end of May (nervous & excited). I made myself ready for the party, KINGSDAY! I went on my bike to the days inn and we waited for the taxi. We took the cheap taxi and went to Carlson. It was so much fun, it felt like home. I had fries with a frikandel + onions + mayo, amazing. Stephan was there too, he's staying in Santa Barbara. It was amazing, I got tulips at the end and there was 'good' music. I missed the nation anthem though.. We went back around 5 pm and I hung out at the days inn for a bit. Marloes and I went home when the rest was going to cook. It was a fun week, good to look back on.

Seize the moment and live in the present. 


 & Jack @Practice

 Swim selfie.



 "ve done my toenails 

 Jm'en fou! 

 Hotdog day

 enchilada  .

 mall food.

 with my new tool !! curls


bye bye sweet Sabrina 



 well, back home again @ Zaanse Schans :)

 Patat met frikandel + onions + mayo


 Kingsday is the best





 & Brechtje

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