zondag 4 mei 2014

Academic Year #17

Well, here is another post about my week in the hot place called Redondo. It was really nice, 30 degrees straight whole week.
Swim meet, the Getty Villa, Camarillo Outlet, Beach and more!

Monday April 28, 2014
We had to look up jokes in class, it was funny because every Belgium-people was in every joke. I ate sushi with Marloes and I signed myself up for the toefl test. I got a really thick book to study. Marloes and I went shopping and we tried typical prom dresses. I had practice and I made eggs after practice, it looked perfect.

Tuesday April 29, 2014
It was extremely hot today, the temperature was around 28/34 °C (80/90 °F). I was almost dying because of the dry wind and the hotness. I sat outside, made a picture and made everybody jealous with posting it on instagram and Facebook hihi. Practice that evening was amazing, the water was cold and nice. However, the night was horrible; it was extremely hot.

Wednesday April 30, 2014
The last day of April already, time goes so fast, it's not normal anymore. I went to school wearing barly anything, and my bikini under it. It was so hot, like extreme. My classes were normal, I went to a coffee shop (lol) with academic writing. I also went to Hermosa Beach with Lotte & Brechtje. I trowed a football with some guys on the beach and I went into the sea. I had practice too, and it was okay. The night was as always in the warm weather horrible.

Thursday May 1, 2014
May !! it's freaking May !! I had late classes; I slept in. It felt really good. I went to school early to sit on the patio and enjoy the nice weather. I FaceTime'd my parents and did some research on the internet. I had classes and I went to the swimming pool. I came there in my dress; I was wearing that that day. It was funny lol. I  watched vampire diaries and went to bed.

Friday May 2, 2014
Another hot day! There was barly anybody in school because there was prom the night before. This was my last day in Advanced 2.. Classes were fine, even my lecture was pretty interesting. I went with Brechtje to the Days Inn and we swum in the pool. Lotte was there too for a little but she left earlier. I went home and to the pool for practice. I went to bed early.

Saturday May 3, 2014
My alarm went off at 5am because of the meet. The meet went pretty good, I mean, I can't talk bad about it. Long course 50m pool. I had to swim the 200 IM (2:43,20), 100 free (1:05,09) and 100 breast (1:25,35). I was 3 times first! I went back home after the meet and to the days inn, I did some grocery shopping with Brechtje and I chilled around and in the days inn.

Sunday May 4, 2014
I woke up at 8am; I went on a little road trip! I went with boris, bart, floris & marloes to the Getty Villa, Malibu and Camarillo outlet. It was so much fun, because the Getty Villa was so pretty, it is a villa that look like a old roman villa. Shopping was also much fun. I got some really good and cheap stuff. I was home around 10 and I was tired and fell asleep after update'ing my blog.

My week was pretty great. thank you so much. 

 toefl book!

 tryin' on prom dresses (worth 209$)

 perfection does excist , sometimes


 hahahahah i was in a funny mood.

 beach biaaatch.

hot weather selfie 

 i'm my own doctor when nobody else isn't around

get a tan, that's my job 

i'm not gonna swim, lol that's why i'm at a pool hahahahaha .

 sun is shining, just half for me

 meet selfie + face Beach Cities Swimming tattoo


 Getty Villa




 Crazy me selfieee

 My peaaaple

 why am i so tiny.

 road trip!

 Malibu !

 overpriced food.

 sea side


done!!! <3

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