zondag 11 mei 2014

Academic Year #18

Week 18 in my AY, time flies; i've only 100 days left in the USA. That's so weird!!!! This week was not too interesting. I'm advanced 3 right now and we made smoothies and crepes in class at Friday!

Monday May 5, 2014
I was so tired! I was in another class (with my same classmates) because we all went to Advanced 3 with a new teacher. It was a pretty boring day because I was tired. I went home directly after school to each vampire diaries. I went to the swimming pool and I fell asleep really early.

Tuesday May 6, 2014
My envelope arrived from Abercrombie&Fitch! It made my day! We had to come up with a story in class and we were brainstorming with the whole class. Something with a robot and the name William. I went to the pool after school and I swum there. Practice was nice. I went home to lay in my bed, and to sleep of course.

Wednesday May 7, 2014
Normal class, it was boring. We were having grammer and vocab, interesting.. not. I hung out at school for a bit and went home. I went running because my throat  hurt so bad. I run for an hour, it felt really good. Also because of the weather, it was really nice. My muscles were sore though.

Thursday May 8, 2014
Normal day. Late school, FaceTime with my parents and class. Class was so sleeeeepy! Only at the end was fun, we played a game. I went to the pool to swim and it felt good.

Friday May 9, 2014
Most fun class ever! We made smoothies and crepes (pancakes) with nutella. Lotte and I were the smoothie people, it was fun! We played another game when we were done. No lecture either because it was the last day of the teacher. I was so bored after school, Some other friends and I decided to hang out at school; boredom to the maxxxxx haha. I went home, I ran for an hour and I left the house for a fun night with friends.

Saturday May 10, 2014
It started 'early'. I took a shower and layed in my bed. I also went to the starbucks and Target. I helped Brechtje with an essay and went back home again. Was crazy fun day, lol. As soon as got home, I fell asleep (6:30 pm) I woke up at 9:30 pm and fell asleep for good haha.

Sunday May 11, 2014
Woke up around 10 am / 10:30 am. It was my chill day, FaceTime'd and Skype'd my friends and update;d my blog. It was also mothersday, didn't do anything special. ohh well, i did, i went shopping because i really need some new clothes for the summer, i'm sorry mommy ..! i loveya.

 new case

 & Dylan




 run run

 bored friends

 just chilin' w/ lotte

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