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Academic Year #19 (roadtripetc.)

Good-day you all lovely readers.
How;s everybody doin'? It was a crazy week, yeaa, crazy as freaking hell :D. Many people left the pretty EF school and I went on a little road trip. ohh and not to forget, it was the whole week about the 30 degrees celcius (90 °F +)
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Monday May 12, 2014
My alarm went off for like 4 times and I still woke up at 8:05 am. I overslept lol. I rushed out of my bed, put clothes on, grabbed my stuff and went out the house. Lucky me, I was still on time. I had class as normal. First iLab and as second normal class. I talked to Lotte during class and we went to Albtertsons during the little break, we both were starving. I was happy when class was over, it was so hot outside. Oh my package from the netherlands arrived, happiness was spreaded!! I ate sushi with Marloes for the last time, her last week was started.. sadness. Sushi tasted good, i love sushi! I went to the beach with Lotte when she was done with class. We were more in the ocean than tanning, it was extremely hot!! holyshit!! The water was so nice. I stayed there for a little bit and went back home, I had practice. I went there and it was way too hot for dry land too, but I still went lol. The water felt so nice. I felt pure satisfaction. I danced with Olivia and Baylen and there was family diner! Goodnight; there was no hell way to sleep in the hotness XD.

Tuesday May 13, 2014
I took advantage of my morning and I tried to be as long as possible in bed. I felt really good, not tired or something. I did my thing in the morning and went to school. Little bit earlier than normal so I was able to enjoy the great weather. I had a subway veggie delite with a medium diet coke, oh and a bag of baked chips. I was just sitting there on the patio, enjoying my stay in Redondo. Amazing. I had toefl practice class and my normal classes. We just did what we had to do, I don't know what to say more about class. School is school. I were my dress again to school and also the swim practice during dry land haha lol. Swimming feels amazing with weather hotter than 30 degrees.

Wednesday May 14, 2014
I woke up with a good vibe. I had breakfast with school at the pancake house. It was fun. I had eggs and pancakes. Typical American of course, I like it. It was even hotter than the days before, it was like the sun was burning right through your skin. The class went also to the beach, so went I. Only lotte and I were brave enough to swim in the water. haha lol. I went home after 'class' to make myself ready to go the beach again. My friend came to pick me up and we went to Hermosa Beach. After a 45, we agreed to go to a pool because I don't like sand and he didn't like the ocean lol. We swum in a pool for a bit and went to Newport Beach. It's so pretty there!! I hang out there for a bit and we drove to San Diego. SUPER random but so much fun. It was like a mini road trip. We stopped in Oceanside too. We went to cliffs in SD and it was pretty. We didn't stay for long but it was long enough. We drove back to LA and went to the Days Inn. It was kinda weird being there, I talked to Lotte en Brechtje but we left pretty soon. My night ended really late because there was to much going on in a too short time period. I probably fell asleep around 4:30 am. I should've gone to the pool at that time lol hahaha.

Thursday May 15, 2014
Well, good morning, it was around 9:30 when I woke up. I was so tired!! I took a shower, washed my hair and made myself ready. I Skype'd my friend Naomi for 45 min and we talked like friends, it has been such a long time since I've seen her face. I packed my bag and went to school. I was not hungry at all but I still ate watermelon. I was just tired. I had toefl practice class again and my normal class. I wasn't really there with my head. It was my own fault though. I went to the pool and it felt so gooood, it was 39 degrees (102) and it was amazing. I went back home, ate food and layed down on my bed and fell asleep at 8 pm.

Friday May 16, 2014
Happy birthday mommy in the Netherlands <3<3!! It was my moms birthday and I woke up at 8 am, 12 hours of sleep made me feel better. I FaceTime'd with my parents and saw my brother and grandma too! Family love<3.
I went to school and there was nothing special going on during class, except for the game with syllables that we played. There was graduation today, so so so many people were leaving! It was really cool to see. I made a picture with Marloes and went to Albertsons for lunch with my male friends lol. I hanged out for a little bit at school and went back home. I downloaded music and texted people because I had no 'real' friends to talk to lol. I had swim practice. I did laundry too and had a late diner with a friend at another sushi place. I went to bed 'early' because I was still a bit tired.

Saturday May 17, 2014
Let's start with my amazingly boring weekend. Well, saturday was the most excited one of the two. I woke up, and stayed in my bed because I had no where else to go. Aargh sometimes I hate those days. I made myself ready and went to the Target first. I bought a new toothbrush and popcorn for the movie. I waited for Brechte, Samuel and Marco (?) and we went to the movie Neighbors. Amazing movie! Yeah, go and see it if you can! I went back home and chilled there. No party's or people that asked me to hang around (nobody responded). Well, I went to bed 'early'. I watched some Dutch tv-shows and fell asleep around 2 am (haha).

Sunday May 18, 2014
Another boring day has started. I woke up, FaceTime'd my brother and talked for a while with him. I also talked to my parents for a little bit. I put a facial mask on my face because I really needed one. My skin feels extremely soft right now, I hope that last for a while. I watched Vampire Diaries, youtube subscribers, Dutch tv-shows. Learned for the toefl exam, cleaned my room (not that it was a mess though). Downloaded more music.. took a shower. Blew this day was to boring for the excited Cali life. f**ckkkk not cool.. ;( well, at least, I went to bed early. New week has yet to come. It's gonna be so quiet !! meeehhh..


 ' i overslept selfie '

 heaven is for real.

 Palos Verdes is always so clear <3


 eatin' pancakes w/ lovely class.

 typical nacinda, how plain can it be :D

 Facebook profile pic. just because I can. ;)

 swimmin' pool :D

 New bikini <3

 Friends :D

 Newport c'est tres beau

 okay dude, you just ruiend my pic.


You're supposed to see San Diego but something went clearly wrong HAHAHAHA.


 cliffs + water

 cliffs + water + me

 This was just to keep me alive ;)

 Exactly this ^^^^^^^^^^

 3 generations <3


I'm so proud at this girl, she made it through the 9 months here at EF Redondo. take care sweetie.

 My undercover Yemen friend :D

 & Brechtje. SAY MY NAME :D lol

 Hollister :D

 egg addiction.

 let's do this

and remove the crapppp :D




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