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Academic Year #20 (funfunfun)

Hello readers. Friends, family, anybody that stranded on my blog. Hi there :D
I'm Nacinda, i currently live in Redondo Beach, CA :D yolo. I'm just liven' the good life here and go to an International Language School. This is about my 20th week in my academic year program. Wow, i keep on saying it but time goes so freaking fast.
Oh what I did, i'm not gonna spoil anything, just read my blog :)
by the way: i am a selfie queen.

Monday May 19, 2014
What did I do on monday. oh well wait, many people left last weekend and 2 classes are together now. I'm in advanced+ now with a bunch of upper advanced people that are complaining. What-evear. I've a new teacher now, called: Eric. Well, don't know my opinion about him yet, pretty boring. I went to school this day, ate gold fishies with Lotte during class. We only played games, nice nice. I miss my old class, because we were just starting to get to know each other. There're now 18 people. I had vocabulary class too. I went home after school and chilled on my bed. It was nice. I had swim practice and I did laundry. We had a mental session during dry land with my team. Interesting. Went to bed too that night.

Tuesday May 20, 2014
I got a call from the Swim Guy that my parka arrived, yaay PARKA IS THERE. I woke up at 9 am to go to south bay galleria (fuck that, it's far). I went to target first, then my parka and at last a smoothie at Jamba Juice. I felt pretty good, yay. Satisfaction. I went to school right went I got back from south bay. I hung out a little bit on the patio and went to my class. TOEFL class first and than my normal English classes. Well, it was kinda boring. We had iLab and it was actually a little bit fun. Lol. I went to the pool right after school and swum, I love swimming. I washed my sheets too, everything clean. Love it.

Wednesday May 21, 2014
Today we had a sub as teacher. It was quite fun because Eric gave her so much things to do and we didn't do much of it. We were in a conversation room and it was way too small for our class, that kinda sucked. I had fun during that class though. Interesting day, I had my vocab class too and we takes about furniture. I went to yogurt land after school and I ate sushi. I hung out with Bart, Danny & Floris. It was fun. I left school around 4pm and swum at practice. nice nice.

Thursday May 22, 2014
This was just another thursday in my life. lol. I woke up around 10 or something. Chilled a little bit around at my place. Packed my bag, and went to school. Yep, another school day. I FaceTime'd with Annemarijn and my dad before school started. Nice Nice. We had to write story's in class, it was interesting but still kinda boring. I went home after school and I packed my bag. I went with a bunch of EF for diner to a restaurant in Hermosa (American Junkies). It was actually so much fun there. Ryan came to pick us up, we chilled at his place for a short time and I went to bed early.

Friday May 23, 2014
Hello there, holy crap it was early. 5am went of my alarm. I had my TOEFL in downtown, I was tired but I felt not bad or something. I was going to nail that exam. I called Dini when I was waiting for the bus. It took me 1,5 hour to get there, it wasn't that bad. I had breakfast at McDonalds, so I wasn't going to be hungry during the 4 hour exam. Samuel was there too, we had so much fun waiting for the test. Everybody was so serious, we we're actually having fun hahaha. The test started and it was brain frying. The reading was the most horrible part of it all, listening, speaking and writing was okay. I was so happy that I was done! Samuel and I hung out for a little bit in downtown. Staple Centre, shopping district etc. We went back to the days inn. I went home and I took a shower, did my nails, my hair. Everything was just perfect and I fell asleep.

Saturday May 24, 2014
My alarm went off at 11, sleep felt so good. I called Lotte and asked her what she was going to do. She said that she was leaving for memorial day fair thing in Hermosa Beach in 20 min. I made myself ready in 5 min and drove my bike to the days inn. I was all sweaty when I got there haha. The weather this day was so depressing, only grey clouds blew. We went to Hermosa Beach (next to Redondo) and walked across the markets with all the stands. I bought a pair of new sunglasses, they're really cute. We played volleyball with Ryan's family, lotte and Brechtje. I was on the winning team. I still can't play volleyball though lol. Brechtje went back to the pier and Lotte and I went to my  house. We walked there. We chilled at my place and I curled her hair. We also made reservation under a different name at the restaurant where Ryan works, so much fun!!! We both had diner there and it was so much fun! We hung out at the pier till ryan got off work and we talked. As soon as ryan got off, we drove to gabe's place. Interesting, we met his brother lol. We drove back to ryan's house. Chilled there for a bit and went back home. Goodnight night.

Sunday May 25, 2014
I woke up around 9:30 am, screw that, I was still so tired. I was texting my mom and we talked, her hair is so beautiful, just sayin' !! I took a shower, showered and put sweatpants on. I walked to the bus stop and took the bus to the days inn, my bike was still there. I chilled with Brechtje and had lunch at subway. I also bought batteries for my beats headphone, ugh hate that. Brechtje and I talked about how the time flew by. All my best friends only have 2 weeks left.. mehh that sucks. I went back home and I talked with Emma about everything and nothing. I had diner with my cutie family her and I fell asleep early, tired me.
the week was amazingly cool. thumbs up for a 4 day weekend ^^ (memorial day  weekend thingy)

 i love the LUZMO app <3

 Hi there, my hair is pretty long.

 we have my parka there

 parka nacinda


 last parka pic.

 clean bed sheets, i'm the happiest person in the world.

 i know right.

 Vampire Diaries <3 - Elena

 outfit (well i changed pants)

 Outfit 2.0

 That's Yannn from France.

 That's Karina, we're 'stuck' with each other till august.

 nice nice, freeway through downtown LA

 oldness in LA

 Downtown selfie of course in my fashionable comfy clothes.

 People :D

Bus stop in Gardena

 Curling curlz

 Yay, found it again.

 to my mom. -

 to my dad. -
my dad was like:" do you need something, haha kidding. " - loveyoutoo ;)

 hermosa party with a bunch of old people with depressing weather


 Holy guaca-moly

 we did this, we got it for free -Lotte

 haha i was like a grandma. - LOL

 Diner, we also had cheese cake, don't worry ;)

 home is where your heart is. - Redondo Pier.

 wasn't looking where i was going, addicted to you.

 those are amazing and beautiful people. Chille & Holland :D


 yeas that's what i said.

 don't know what happened there, but my feet were drowning.

 L O L, my date :)

favorite people & lotte. starrrrr.

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