zondag 1 juni 2014

Academic Year #21

Another week has gone by here in Redondo Beach. It was again, a interesting week. I'm really tired right now, but i'm going to write something interesting. Don't blame me, not every week is as cool. It's not a vacation where I am on, I live here.

Monday May 26, 2014
MEMORIAL DAY. I had a day off today. I didn't do anything anything special. I did do my make up, made pictures and cleaned my room. I went to In-N-Out burger at night. I also went to the theatre. I've seen the movie the x-men. It was was a fun movie, not really my thing though. I came back home around 2 am, because the movie started at 11:15 pm. Was a boring but still fun day.

Tuesday May 27, 2014
Aargh school today. We had class with Eric again, future discussion.. Made no sense. I had practice after school, it felt really good to be in the water again! I made a egg after practice and ate banana with peanut butter.

Wednesday May 28, 2014
It started all normal. Normal boring class. Lotte had a jacuzzi room, so we went after school in the jacuzzi. We talked, had Mexican for diner and had fun. 

Thursday May 29, 2014
I ate lunch at a place that's called the spot in Hermosa. It was really good. I was tired when I got to school. It was okay though. I had practice and fell asleep when I got back home. My days are quite boring.

Friday May 30, 2014
Morning class, of course. We watched the movie 'Her' in class. Interesting, we couldn't finish it. That sucked. Lecture was weird too, the teacher was just telling bad jokes. I went home after school. I watched Netflix and I went to the pool for practice. It was fun.

Saturday May 31, 2014
I was planning to go to the pool in the morning. Instead of that, I woke up at 12 pm in the afternoon. Of course. I took a shower and went to Del Amo mall. I was supposed to go shopping with friends but they couldn't come. So, I went to the Days Inn. I chilled there, helped everybody with packing and went to the EF BBQ in a park. It was a fun day. All the people living there are nice. I fell asleep early because I felt shitty like hell.

Sunday June 1, 2014
Holy fucking shit, it's JUNE!! Time goes so freaking fast, my friends are leaving in a week.. I woke up at 9:30 am, but stayed in my bed and fell asleep again and woke up, you know what i mean. Nobody was home the whole morning. I heard my host sis crazy prom stories. I also went to Vons to do grocery shopping because I needed food. I watched Vampire Diaries (i'm in season 4 now) and fell asleep early.




 new ^^

 haha yes i was

nop it's not that cold



 life = perfect


 pretty view

 hot dog bbq

 i feel alive

 & lotte

 & brechtje



more foood.

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