maandag 9 juni 2014

Academic Year #22 (6flags&goodbyes)

Hi there people. First, I'm sorry that my blog didn't come earlier. I just totally forgot about it. Here it is, just a day later than normal.
It was a fun but extremely sad week. I went to six flags and I said goodbye to my best friends here..

Read for details :D

Monday June 2, 2014
I went to school and I had class. My teacher for this week was Hoasa (i've no idea how to spell her name). I can tell, it was extremely boring.. It was tiring, class. I went to Del Amo to shop with Lotte and we met Brechtje later. First, walmart and second, shopping. I bought a few things. We bought plain t-shirts (white) and spray paint. We drove our bikes to Torrance to go to Ryan's house. We stopped at 85° bakery to get food. I got my hair curler back at Ryan's and we went to a place with grass. We ate our pastries there and sprayed our t-shirts. It was so much fun. I also bought a camera with a filmrol in it. It was the start of Lotte's & Brechtjes week and I want to make pictures for a good memorie and a good point of view (to be continued..). I went back home and took a shower and fell asleep.

Tuesday June 3, 2014
I wore my self-made t-shirt to school! There was a campaign going on -> #no one is born racist. I made a self and posted it on Instagram. Funfunfun. There was barly anybody in school and it was also quite boring. I went to the swimming pool after school to swim. I swum with only guys in my lane, it was so much fun. They thought that I was 14 but the fact is; I'm almost 17 haha FAIL. I was the oldest. I went home and talked to Annemarijn on whatsapp. :D

Wednesday June 4, 2014
I had my normal early classes. My spin class vocab was about coffee vocab. I went to starbucks with class to use our new learned vocab. I'm a coffee expert now, go Nacinda go. Ice coffee caramel without milk, please! I went to the Days Inn to play Monopoly. I've never played Monopoly before.. I was winning and when Lotte and Dani were dead; I gave up on Brechtje. I'm serious, we were playing for more than 3,5 hours. No concentration it is. I went with Lotte on one bike to Del Amo. We bought stickers, or at least, she did. Ryan came to pick us up, we went to his house. There was nothing going on so Gabe brought me back to my bike haha. Fail evening, still, I had fun. I came home and watched the last episodes of Vampire Diaries (on Netflix).. mehhh and fell asleep.

Thursday June 5, 2014
SIX FLAGS DAY! I went to Six flags today. I went with Lotte, Brechtje, Dani, Alexa, Laura, and two others! It was so much fun. We left the Days Inn around 9 o'clock. It wasn't busy at all. I bought a bottle so I could drink the whole day! Nice souvenir too. I went in a lot of rides. Goliath and Superman are my favorites (or the one with the Dragon too, just HANGIN' in there, literately). We left the park really early, that was a pity. I had McDonalds for diner and I left when everybody went to bed. I was extremely tired. I love Six flags.

Friday June 6, 2014
SIX MONTHS IN THE USA! -What a beautiful sad day.. I had my level test in the morning, it went really well! Good feeling about it. I hung around in the school after my first class. Everybody was making themselves ready for graduation. so fucking sad because i ain't leavin'. The graduation itself was sad although the movie was extremely good. We went to the beach afterwords to take pictures. Everybody was crying (not me). There're are some pretty good shots. I went to the Days Inn after graduation and hung around there. I was wearing my pink skirt and it was pretty in the wind. We played games there and enjoyed the last sad night. I went to Ryan's place later with Lotte and we continued there. It was a great but sad day..

Saturday June 7, 2014
I woke up around 11 am. I had Panda Expres for breakfast/lunch. It tasted so good! The whole day was just a little chillin', I watched orange is the new black on netflix (new season). I went to the days inn around 4 pm. We were planning to eat in Del Amo at a place called BJ's. We had a big ass hamburger with fries, hunger! I went to the theatre to see the movie 'The Fault in Our Stars'. It's a pretty movie. Amsterdam ! whohoo. It was time to say goodbye to Lotte after the movie.. Extremely weird.. and a little sad. It was a quick goodbye. Not even a goodbye but more a: see you later. I went back home and slept.

Sunday June 8, 2014
I woke up at 11:50 am. I needed sleep. I had the whole day for myself and I also had the house for myself. I was making food, chillin' on the couch, lovely sunday. I was doing stuff for my college application and I watched Orange is the New Black. A little bit of everything. It was funny: Brechtje called me while I was sitting on the couch watching OITNB and she calles a few hours later and I was doing the same thing just on my bed. HAHA. Funny. I went to the Cheesecake Factory for Brechtje's last supper! Mehhh! The carrot cheesecake tasted so good. I went back to the Days Inn and we hung out in Bart's room. We played Uno and the game QuizzUp. I finally get the game Uno, it means one and you say uno when you have only one card. omg! hahaha. I went to bed there around 2 am. I had to wave Brechtje goodbye the next morning.

Monday June 9, 2014
Brechtje woke me up at 7:30 am haha. She poked my cheek, lol. We had breakfast and I met Brechtjes dad and brother. She left the days inn around 9:20.. Bye other friend! I hung out with Dani for a little bit and went to Walgreens for my camera. I get my pictures this Thursday! Yaayy. I went home, FaceTime'd my parents, hung out, wrote my blog and swum.

goodbye everybody or 'see you later'. you will be missed. i wish everybody the best in life.


 Lotte with her selfmade presents


 brechtje & dani


 famous high school in Torrance

 for sure

oeeehh wooden rollecoaster 



 for sure , i bought that in 1 day

 on my way home


 # no one is born racist

 my subway

 winning but losing

 lotte matched too


 fancy and shit

 all fancy duchies over there

 six flags it is


 hangin' in there

 waiting for sure


 don't know what i was doin' there


 sam and his speech




 what's up



 everything all over the place

Lotte graduating

 Phantom in da car

cheesecake carrot cake it is


 The fault in our stars



 my hair is so cute lol


with those people <3 love youuu

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