zondag 22 juni 2014

Academic Year #24

It's been a week yay. I'm inn the new level of English, it's been fun last week. haha. read for more. i'm just tired.

Monday June 16, 2014
My first day in upper advanced and also the first day after my break. I went to school, to the post office, walmart & the dollar store. It was also my host moms birthday! Happy birthday if you read this haha. I broke my iPods-screen and I skyped with Lotte. I had swim practice, it felt really good. I talked about soccer!

Tuesday June 17, 2014
Why can I not believe that's June? Well anyway, I had school in the afternoon so nothing special. I have Eric for my spin class, screw that.. I went to practice too.

Okay I'm over it.. the rest of my week was stupid and boring. The same things over and over again, everyday. Everybody's leaving the whole time and I don't wanna say bye again. I'm always that left over student that arrived in December.

Anyway. Tall-A was in town and I took him to school, we hung-out.
Brechtje was in town and I said goodbye to her, it was sad, but hell yeah the truth.
The Netherlands won against Australia with 3-2
There was parade 'cause the Ice Hockey team of LA (the Kings) won something.
Yes. That's it.

picture time.


 selfie, i'm tired.

 picture of the day.


 venice <3

 bye bye


 yes. that's so true.


 and now you're gone again

 jorik's sexy face, erik & me


 redondo beach pier view

 parade with so many cops car


 asgar :)


 we knew them

 chile vs holland




floris, jorik, bart & ik - lefover dutchies cheering for the Netherlands VOEDBAL KIJKEN! 

hup holland hup

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