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Academic Year #25 (soccer!!+dutch)

Hey what's up you guys! It's time for a new blogpost, i'll post in Dutch this  time too for my friend ;). Well, this week was about another goodbye, The Netherlands winning 2 times in the World Cup and friendship.

Heei hoe gaat het daar! Het is weer tijd voor een nieuwe blogpost. Ik post dit ook in het Nederlands omdat iemand er om vroeg ayyay hier it is :). Deze week was er weer een afscheid, Nederland won 2 keer in the World Cup en vriendschappen.

Monday June 23, 2014
I don't know how I did it but I did. I woke up at 8:50 am and I was at school at 9:00 am. Yay, I skipped the first 2 classes because of the Dutch team playing soccer. Whooo! We won, 2-0 against Chile :). I had my other class, grammer, it was okay. Boring spin classes tho. I went home after class because I wanted to lay in my bed. I watched Netflix and I had swim practice.

Ik werd wakker om 8:50 en was om 9:00 uur op school. Ik zag nederland spelen en ze wonnen. bye bye chile hahaha. De rest van mijn dag was normaal. Ik had grammatica klas en ik heb op mijn bed gelegen in de middag haha lol. Zwemtraining was lekker.

Tuesday June 24, 2014
I said goodbye to Tall-A in the morning after I slept in. I love my bed :). I went to school and I had swim practice in the afternoon. It was just a normal day in my life. I took a shower and went to bed yay.

Ik heb gedag gezegd tegen Tall-A en uitgeslapen. Ik ging naar school en het zwembad. Normale dag.

Wednesday June 25, 2014
I didn't have much sleep this night but I came to school. I helped with hot dog day. I had grammer again. I went home and I fell asleep. I woke up a little too late so I actually missed practice. I went to dinner with a lot of people because of Floris' and Barts goodbye. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. I came with them to the days inn but I left after 15 min, I was still exhausted. I fell asleep right after I came home.

Ik had niet heel veel slaap maar ik ging wel gewoon naar school. Ik hielp met de hot dogs. Ik ging naar huis en ik viel in slaap. Ik werd om 6 uur wakker dus ik had mijn zwemtraining gemist, woeps. Ik ging dus maar naar diner met Bart enzo. Het was afscheidsdiner bij de Cheesecake Factorey. Ik ging wel weer mee naar de days inn maar daar bleef ik maar 15 minuten. Ik viel inslaap toen ik thuis kwam, ik was uitgeput lol.

Thursday June 26, 2014
I set my alarm around 8:30 to watch the USA play but I didn't wake up at all. I came to school 'early' so I still got the language of football bracelets. Happy me! I had lecture about American history. I went to class and I actually like my spin class. We've to remind a monologue from a movie, mine is from the Hangover. lol. I went to class and also to a coffee place. I had practice while at the bonfire was. I knew bonfires with EF were lame so I went to swim practice. I came home and watched Netflix and fell asleep.

Friday June 27, 2014
My classes were finished at 11:20 am, I was done early. There was a lot going on at the school because a few people got kicked out of the Days Inn. Not everybody was happy haha. I had lunch and I went back to my host family to grab my bikini. It was BEACH TIME. I went to the beach, swum in the ocean and went back. Jorik and I had a wrap for diner. I came home, took a shower and made myself ready for the night. There was a little come together at Floris' house 'cause he was leaving. Kinda a goodbye. It was fun and I'm gonna miss those amazing peoples that left!

Saturday June 28, 2014
I was at the days inn early, to say goodbye and also to cheer for Chile. Sadly, they lost.. I hugged Bart and Floris goodbye and life went on. I had lunch at McDonalds with Erik, Jorik & Esteban. I love McDonalds, just not too often. I went back to my host family and chilled at my bed. I didn't feel good because my nose was snotty and my troat hurt. I went to bed early and slept, yeah!

Sunday June 29, 2014
Hell yeah, I woke up at 8 am. It was the Netherlands soccer time!! I went to the days inn and watched soccer in the lobby and in Dani's room with Dani and Jorik. It was kinda a horrible game but we won.. YEAH so happy! I went to Walmart with Erik and Jorik and had lunch at Panda express. I also went to a guitar shop because Jorik wanted to go there. It was all the way at South Bay Galeria.. That's so far!! I went to my house and I chilled for a little bit. I went bowling with all the spanish speaking friends. It was a fun but kinda sad week. love.

 here wee gooo

 facdtime with those people <3

 hi there]

 this looks depressive

 beautiful classroom view

 i guess i was done.

 my night

 yay bed

 smile, 'cause you only have yourself left in the end


 beautiful light


lecture face lol brechtje miss you in this pic 

 group B

 the sky was amazing

 class mates :)

 ipad selfie


 wtf bart?

 hiyeaa <3

 dani & alexa

 i'm gonna miss you dear bartiiiii

 body guards

 it's a sad tree day

yay left over duchies

 and we did it again..!


 bye bye



someone bombed my picture. the fork :)

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