zondag 6 juli 2014

Academic Year #26 (4th of july)

Haha serious business here. I'm at the days inn now when i type this. My wifi at my host family is so bad, haha.. not cool
Well, it has been a week. It was short and it was also fourth of July, independence day! Oh and not to forget, i fell of my bike :)

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Monday June 30, 2014
After a good night, I had school. Of course I had school. We talked in class about random stuff. I also went to my new spin class, it was slightly boring but not the worse ever. I decided to go home after school because I felt like lying on my bed. I fell of my bike on my way home. It was such a stupid fall. I was going up the last hill and I tried to stand on my paddles but my flipflop got stuck or something. I tried to keep my bike straight but somehow it didn't work and I fell on the grass on the right side of the road. Well, my elbow, knee and foot where not saved.. Some people asked me: " are you okay?" I was seriously like: "Yes, i'm fine, i just love the lay in the grass while I'm bleeding..!?" Hahaha. I called my parents on FaceTime and they were really sweet. I layed for the rest of the day in my bed. I played with Baylen and Olivia around diner. I hung out with friends in the night!

Tuesday July 1, 2014
I had breakfast with a friend at an amazing breakfast place. I had a fatty cheese omelet, potatoes and toast. Powerrrr breakfast. I went to school afterwards but I was able to skip class 'cause the USA was playing in the world cup. I was kinda annoyed, I spent 2 useless ours at school sitting there like a moody zombie. I went to the McDonalds after school with Dani & Alexa and later with Yan. I had to bike back. My foot started hurting so so bad when I go home. I was sitting in my room, feeling like I was dying. I decided to hug the dog Albus 'cause I was home alone. It was a day..

Wednesday July 2, 2014
My friend dropped me off at school. Luckily I didn't have to walk/bike. I was dying cause of the pain in my foot. It was also all swollen and red.. I had my classes and I went to the doctor after class. I came at the doctors clinic and I needed a form that said I've permission because I'm underage. SERIOUSLY!? I walked back to school and I bought food on my way back to the clinic. They took x-ray pictures and I got antibiotics and painkillers. It needed rest for at least a week. I've to come back there later. I took the medication the same night and I felt shitty as hell. 

Thursday July 3, 2014
I had class, yes, I had class lol. I think I lied in my bed for the whole morning. I had a lecture and we were drawing stuff. I was like: "serious? you're gonna do this with my time, drawing lessons?" I had my spin class, and my normal classes. We went to the coffee cartel the last class and I talked to the 2 new guys in my class (one already left though..). I ate at American Junkies, Hermosa Beach and I probably fell asleep around 11:30 PM.

Friday July 4, 2013
WHOO Independence Day. I stayed in my bed the whole morning. I FaceTime'd Lotte and she made me go outside and check out the beach. I jumped on my bike and I went to Redondo Beach. holy shit. nobody every warned me for the fact that it was packed as hell! I got really really dizzy so I decided to go back to my place and rest for a little bit. I rested and went to the Days Inn. I was in momo's car (camaro) and we went to Hermosa Beach again. SO many people. We chilled and hung around and we went to the beach. It was fun! We went back early. Everything was funny at that moment. I went with another friend with a car to Palos Verdes, 4 guys and me (like always). We watched the firework there. I was a little disappointed but I was able to all the firework of whole Los Angeles county. We chilled at Fifa's place after watching fire work. There were seriously playing FIFA '14 at Fifa's apartment.. -.- I went back home, I came home probably around 1:30 am. Decent time for such a fun day!

Saturday July 5, 2014
YESSSS, The Netherlands was going to play against Costa Rica. I stayed in my bed till 12:15 AM. I felt shitty 'cause of the medication. We decided to go to Hermosa pier. I came there and the match already started, so I put on the Dutch radio. We were trying to find a place to watch the game but everything was 21+ and when had to leave when we finally had a place (pizza place). So yeah. Jorik and I went back to the Days Inn because it wasn't working. We were just on time to see the last 7 minutes and the penalties. HOLY SHIT, this match was so bad for my heart but we won! Bye bye Costa Rica (Saray ;)). I went to my host family after the game and chilled. Jorik's friend Gabi had friends that were giving a BBQ and I went with them. I had a BBQ with people from Brazil and a few others. It was a fun thing. 

Sunday July 6, 2014
Yes, finally a day off. I was trying to update my blog but it didn't work 'cause of the bad wifi ... I lied in my bed till probably 1 or something. I woke up around 10 AM, don't worry. Well, my alarm went off at 8 AM because I needed to take the medication. I fell asleep after. I was trying to watch Netflix and I took a shower. I went to the Days Inn and hung out with my friends. OH and we skype'd with Brechtje in the Days Inn. That's it, that's my week :)


 feellin like a little kid again




 I seriously made friends.


 swag pil :)

 the tans will fade, but the memories last forever.

 yes this.



 american junkies

 sunglassessss. w/ erik


 & Alexa

 holy shit

 Ricardo :)

 Packed hermosa

 Ricardo 4th of July selfie

 hou van jullie




 what's up

 palos verdes firework

haha yes :) 


hey there, i'm orange

 thank you grandma :)

 whoop COFFEEE

 removed the curtains


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