zondag 13 juli 2014

Academic Year #27

What a week... It has been one already. This is my 27th week in the Academic Year program, time goes by so fast.. I'm serious. Let me see what I did.. Nothing much.

Monday July 7, 2014
I had school, and it was like always boring haha. I was taking selfies in class lol. We are starting to read in a book called Freakonomics. I went to the Days Inn after school, 'cause I couldn't go to the pool. I'm still on antibiotics, fuck that. We went to KFC for diner and to another Mexican restaurant. We stayed at Saray's room and I went home. It was a normal day. I was talking on whatsapp with Jorik and we had a good conversation, haha lol, it was funny. Went to bed around 1:30 am, I guess.

Tuesday July 8, 2014
I was so happy that I could sleep in this day. I had my follow up appointment at the doctor this day. Nothing was wrong but I seriously had to wait for more than 30 min.. Yeah, I was almost too later for my awesome acting spin class. I went to a coffee shop (to get coffee) with my class. We chilled there because we didn't want to do anything in iLab. I chilled with Gabe and Ryan (+ friends) after school. We made a bonfire, talked (heavy discussions lol) and played ping pong. It was a fun day!

Wednesday July 9, 2014
The days started with me being tired. I ate at a restaurant for breakfast. It was match day today and everybody was staring at me because of my Holland tshirt. I went to school and I watched the match against Argentina. I watched 120 minutes and then the penalties.. We last and I just started crying while everybody was cheering because Argentina won.. It was so sad. I went home and I lied on my bed. I hung out with the Ricardo's and Saray at the night.

Thursday July 10, 2014
I was able to sleep in again! Whoo! I had a lecture and we talked about cartoons. yes, serious. We talked about pinky and the brains and other things. I had to think about my brother, lol. This day is was so exhausting. I had 4 classes, 1,5 hour each with a 10 min break. Kill me!! :o. I went home and lied on my bed watching Netflix because the wifi was working! I watched the whole night, well I fell asleep early.

Friday July 11, 2014
I finished my college application and mailed it. I also got homework for school, I don't like reading a book that doesn't interest me.. It sucks. Class is boring, I'm not learning anything anymore. I went to look for a suitcase after school, I went to like every store but I couldn't find the perfect one. I just orientated! I was at the days inn at Friday but I went home really early. I chilled on my bed and fell asleep.

Saturday July 12, 2014
Omygod what was happening with my skin!? See picture under my blog. I went to the Days Inn to watch the Netherlands play in the 3rd-place-finals. I was sitting there alone and Jorik walked in in the second minute when the penalty was taken haha. I FaceTime'd my dad the whole match, haha - terug -. I love you people. We won by the way, 3rd place for the Netherlands, 3-0 against Brazil. I went back home and I was playing for vampire. Staying out the sun, I also went to the doctor but it was closed, fail. We had a party at night. We moved from place to place, first a restaurant, second a karaoke bar and last the hookah bar. It was boring, I expected more. We went to the days inn after a while. I chilled there for like 15 min till everybody got kicked out. I went home and Saray & Ricardo picked me up. We ate McDonalds and hung out. I was almost falling asleep there in our pajama party. We went home by uber and I fell asleep right after I got home! 5 AM.

Sunday July 13, 2014
I woke up at 11:30. I refused to watch the World Cup finals. Congrats Germany! I did all my laundry even my bed sheets! Everything is clean, so it can be clean in my suitcase... I chilled in and around the house and ate chicken nuggets. I went to the days in to update my blog. I was in Jorik's room. We also went to the pool, I swum in it for like 30 min. It felt so great... I miss swimming so much, this Tuesday again <3. I had my healthy diner at McDonalds and I hung out with EF staff and EF people at the Days Inn. I went home after. :) good week!

Those pictures are still of last Sunday:



drinking again.

The rest of the week:


sexy face


 Gabe & Ryan playin ping pong


 yay bathroom selfie at ryan's

 before the penalties

 after the penalties

 orange forever



hi there people, it's summer 

 snapchat fun




 all over my body you can find those spots.

orange . like a boss . 



sexy chicks



the bike lane ends there 

yeah black

beertje <3

that's my clean bed

beach don't kill my vibe :)

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