zondag 20 juli 2014

Academic Year #28 (moving..)

Hi there people! Another message from me, it's time for my weekly update! Wow, it's been a busy week. I moved from my host family to the days inn and from the days inn to my new host family. I had school and I hung out with my friends. I didn't get much sleep either.. 
I don't wanna do this week ever again (I mean the moving part) because it really sucks and it's tiring. 
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Monday July 14, 2014
I had early morning class, of course. It was normal, we talked about our weekend and we talked about the book that we're reading. It's extremely boring, I mean, reading a book and write about it, okay that's fine. We're just discussing everything and that just really bothers me. I went to the housings office as soon as I was done. They told me that I was gonna move to north Redondo Beach but that I had to stay in the Days Inn for 3 days. Yes.... not. I went home and enjoyed my bed, and the wifi was also working later in the afternoon. I hung out with my friends that night.

Tuesday July 15, 2014
I had my breakfast at subway and I facetime'd my parents. I went to school and had my Godfather interview. I went pretty well so I'm a EF Godfather now! Hi new students, I'll be there for you :). I had school and my normal classes. I went to swim practice after school, yessss, practice! I felt so good to swim again! I went to bed early, enjoying Netflix and my bed.

Wednesday July 16, 2014
My first class was in a room with couches, conversation room. We talked and talked about random stuff. My next class was normal. I had fun in my spin class because we talked about Burberry and the teacher didn't really understand it. It's a expansive designer brand. Yes. The people in that class are really nice, like it! I went to the post office and copied something, I went back to school to buy a new t-shirt and arrange my ride. I went home and I started packing my suitcases .. Yeah. It took me 2 / 3 hours. I had swim practice. I went to school after swim practice to park my bike there. I walked home. It was my last night in my bed there, it sucked. I really don't want to leave. I couldn't sleep so I was snapchat-ing friends.

Thursday July 17, 2014
My friends helped me with my suitcases in the morning. I officially have a lot of stuff, it's not normal anymore. Well, I'm here since December so I've every reason to... My stuff stated in his car so I didn't have to worry about that. I had class, first lecture, second spin classes and as last my normal classes. It was so funny, I was sitting with 9 other Dutch girls in my lecture. Since when did that happen?! We just heard about the plan crash in Ukraine, wow, heave stuff. May all the people rest in peace... My Godfather job was helping with the Snow-cones because the EF Ambassadors were coming. It was fun day. We spend our last class in a restaurant (corner bakery). My friend came to pick me up after school and dropped me off at the Days Inn. I had to carry all my suitcases alone to the 3rd floor. I swum in the Days Inn pool after 'unpacking'. And hung out with my friends. Tiring day.

Friday July 18, 2014
Classes were okay. I went to Jamba Juice and FaceTime'd with Lotte. I was kind of tired. I got back at the days inn and FaceTime'd my parents, we talked. I decided to sleep for a little bit and I slept for four hours. I talked to my amazing roommates and it was fun. I went to Ryan's house later the night and I hung out with all this (american) friends. It was a fun but tiring night. I didn't fall asleep that late.

Saturday July 19, 2014
I had breakfast at a typical American restaurant. I had scrambled eggs and fresh fruit for breakfast. I hung out with Saray, Alexa & Dani and we ate sushi. Or at least, I had sushi, Saray had KFC. We went to the Best Buy because Alexa's laptop's audio was broken and Saray wanted to know how much a GoPro cost. We went back and hung out. I went to Palos Verdes with Ricardo's, Kelly, Alexa and Dani (and more). We went to some people that got an apartment there. It was fun but we left after 45 min. They were planning on going to a night club (18+) but I was too young so they dropped me off. I was happy too, because I was exhausted. 

Sunday July 20, 2014
I woke up around 11 am, it was good. I slept for almost 12 hours, I needed it. I FaceTime'd Brechtje and then my parents. My brother was showing me how he played the keyboard, how awesome! yeey, proud! I went to the Walgreens and met my new roommate from Japan (Maho). I brought her to the common room and was really nice to her. Also my job as Godfather. I bought lunch and I chilled in my room, and packed my bags. I didn't see much people because everybody was half dead. I watched Netflix and waited till my friends came. I got dropped of at my new host family, talked and fell asleep early. 

picture time

 selfie monday

 card from Rotterdam, thank you so much grandma <3


 and what i found :)

and what I found again 

Albus you will be missed and hated

 Brother showing me stuff

 godfather it is !

 I was so creative, i love those bottles



 whoo! :)

 and another name

picture time with my watch






 beautiful redondo


wearing it

 last night


 snow cone


 my stuff...!



it's pretty

i like this picture though 

 jamba juice

 and it tasted so good

 crazy, smile, facetime :)

 haha laugh

this bed is bouncy

 i was craving for sushi, so long!

and i lost my ipod and found it in my shoe. of course nacinda.

 self made ice cream

 it is :)

 Phantom selfie 2.0

& Saray


 goodmorning ( i love that blanket so much )

moving on even though i don't want to.


My ambassador polo !

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