maandag 28 juli 2014

Academic Year #29

Hello people :) how has your week been? It's been really busy for me! I am really busy with everything. I'm sorry too that this blog is late. I totally forgot it yesterday and I feel really bad now.... I hope you still enjoy my blog. Whoo! It's been a week (+1 day, lol).

I'm just gonna tell everything real quick.

I had my first week at my new host family. Melanie brought me to school with Maho (my Japanese roommate). It was a fun experience. I helped with being a godfather but i forgot to be at the meeting. I just went straight to the bus with the amazing new students. I had a lot of fun in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I made a couple of new friends and I made everybody super excited even though they were tired. My first family diner was fun too.
My tuesday was tiring as hell. I had to bike to school and I had swim practice afterwards. I just fell asleep as soon as my feet touches my bed.
Wednesday was fun. I went to Palos Verdes and I saw the sunset there. We went to Lunada Bay. I picked up Lotte from the airport with Ryan and Gabe. It was a tiring day but I'm happy to have my buddy Lotte back!! <3
I had school on thursday and the the itself was okay. It was really tiring cause I went to the UCLA college campus. I saw the player from Real Madrid and I got a tour. It was amazing. Friday, I hung out with friends and I had a lot of fun. I was really tired on Friday and I was almost passing out when I was walking. Lying in bed was the best thing I ever felt at that moment! I said goodbye to Jorik on Saturday at the days inn. It was all really sad. I miss him already! I slept during the days in my bed, I needed some sleep.
My sunday was lazy. It was my grandmothers birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!! <3 I went to the days inn with Lotte and to the OC fair in Costa Mesa. It was really cool and I saw OCC for the first time too. I hope my pictures are more interesting then my week update. I'm just tired. Love you all. <33

 family diner.


selfie while i was waiting

ice cream (you scream)

lunada bay

so pretty


sunset 2.0



 assisted coach



 Campus ground being a EF leader


 my map

 so pretty


Maho & Lisa




 OC Fair

 I went in that shit

so pretty 

 goat (made by lotte). it's such a model

 Jamba Monday

Serious shit going on. :)

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