zondag 3 augustus 2014

Academic Year #30 (waterpark/bf)

What a week. What a week. It was awesome, my 30th week in the Academic Year program. yeah, there were better weeks but I had some amazing moments! Well, you wanna know more? Read my blog! I've 2 more weeks left in this program. amazing.

Monday July 28, 2014
There were not too many new students so I they didn't let me help with being a Godfather. What a pity. My bike was parked at the days inn. I went by bus to the days inn and picked up my bike. I had to bike home and it was so far, 35 min. I hung out at Ryan's with Lotte and Gabe. We had fun that night.

Tuesday July 29, 2014
I had class, and a family picnic. The picnic was fun! I had so much food though. Too much food in my stomach. I also biked so much that day. 30 min to school and 30 min back. I hung out with friends at night. I saw Samson again! I hadn't seen him since the day that Lotte left. Nice! Yeah, and I'm through my 3GB of data, so I'm not that reachable...!

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Wow, what a morning. I woke up and I didn't feel good at all. I came to class and we talked about random things. Like we always do, I love my general English class! Eventough it's extrelmy boring cause it's the last month. I get irritated. I went to the days inn after class. I saw Brechtje, WELCOME BACK BRECHTJE! yayy. We hung out and talked. I almost passed out on the couch haha, I was tired.

Thursday July 31, 2014
Gooodmorning. My morning started with a McChicken, it was good. I had lecture class and we had to keep the CIA out of our brains with a aluminium folded hat. Back to Kindergarten. My secondclass was a spinclass and we did Yoga. It was a weird day of school. I'm serious! We discussed slang while we were sitting on yoga mats. I went back home after school and made myself ready for the night. I did my nails and my hair and everything. I looked good. :)

Friday August 1, 2014
Damn it people, it's already August. This was my six flags day! I went with Gabe and his sister, brother and another friend. We went in 1 ride in the normal park and in a few things in the waterpark. The tornado thing was one of them. We ate funnel cake at the end, I was full after 4 bites... That stuff is heavy. I had so much fun! It was a great but tiring day! I had diner in Hermosa and I had the best sandwich ever! haha

Saturday August 2, 2014
I had breakfast at a place called Eat-At-Joe's. I got my cheese omelet, toast and patatoes. I didn't eat the patatoes. I went to the Days Inn after and I swum with Lotte in the pool for a little bit, it was just cold. I hung out in Alexa's room with the 5 of us. I went to Kincaids, the restaurant were gabe & ryan work with Lotte. I had a $20 lunch, moneymoneymoney. It was fun to see the boys working! I waited till Gabe was ready. I wasn't in the mood for waiting so I walked to the CVS and bought a new BB-cream! I took a shower and curled my hair. I fell asleep around 12 am

Sunday August 3, 2014
I FaceTime'd my parents and talked to them. It felt like I was sitting next to them on the couch. It was fun. I miss you guys! I talked to my homie-bro Jorik too on Skype. I biked to South Bay Galaria because I was bored. I bought 3 mini body lotion's at Bath & Bodyworks and went back home to chill. Lotte came around 3 pm and we hung out.

It's a good day selfie

 Whoo, bacon dance.




 Maho & Kiko <3

 mr. bandit


& Samson

 'cause it's bacon week\

 american boy

 hahahaha :)

 what we do in class

 yoga in class

 Doran? vechten? :) fight fight fight


it was so hot that day! 

 funnel cake

 with the fancy six flags cup

 six flags :) !


 hello expansive ;)

sandwich with turkey

 the pier is pretty

 curls & make up

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