zondag 17 augustus 2014

Academic Year #32 (my last week.)

This was it. My Academic Year. It went by really fast. This is about my week, my 32nd week in this program. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm happy because a new fase in life is happening but also sad that I have to leave everything behind what I build the last 8 months.

Monday August 11, 2014
Yessss, I went to Costa Mesa. I had my test, the math and English test. I went over there to say that I was there and the planning was to have my test on 1 pm. So Gabe and I went to Irvine to eat something. We headed back and I was just on time. I found out that I was on stand-by. Hell. I was waiting and I couldn't make the test because it was full. I had to wait till the next shift and that was around 4:30 pm. We went to Laguna Beach and chilled there. It was really pretty! I love Laguna! I went back to Costa Mesa and made the test. The English test was way to easy and the math test was way to difficult. We went back to Redondo after the test, we both were exhausted. We ate at a burger place and I went home and I fell asleep after watching Smurfs 2.

Tuesday August 12, 2014
I went to school! I slept in, and I slept for about 12 hours. I needed it. I went to school today by bike. It felt good to bike to school! Whoo! I had class and it was fun. We watched the movie Sukiyaki Western Django. It was a typical fail movie :). I didn't really like it. I biked back home and I chilled for a little bit. I think that I took a shower. I hung out with Gabe at night.

Wednesday August 13, 2014
I had my EFCELT (EF Cambridge Exam Language Testing) after a relatively short night but fun night. It was not the easiest test because you only had 40 min. I hung out in the lounge and I went out for lunch with Ethan and all the other Godfathers. I had a big fatty cheese burger and sweet potato fries. yeah! I went back to school afterwards and I chilled there. Gabe came to pick me up and we chilled. We hung out with Ryan and Lotte in the evening. It was a good day.

Thursday August 14, 2014
I basically did nothing this day. I slept in and chilled. I went to school. I watched Netflix (what not to wear) and hung out with Gabe. It was a good day, I had to prepare myself for graduation and I was packing my suitcases.

Friday August 15, 2014
Yes. It was Graduation day! I curled my hair the day before so everything looked perfect. I went to school in my white dress and my pink high heels. I was extremely tall. I looked pretty, I don't want to be selfish but I looked good. I went to the activities office and putted on my gown and cap. I looked amazing! We had to wait there for a little bit and I let everybody write in my little book. We all walked to Redondo Beach classroom and we sat there and we had the graduation. Lotte, Ryan, Brechtje, Gabe, everybody was there. I was so happy. We went to the beach after we got the certificates. We took a lot of amazing pretty pictures. I went to Gabe's house with Ryan and Lotte after graduation and I walked around in my gown (i'm a wizzard straight from Harry Potter, LOL). I got flowers too, they were so pretty! We dropped Ryan of at work and we ate at Kincaid's. I had pasta but it was not tasty at all haha. I went back to my host family and I packed the rest of my stuff. Bye host family <3. We all basicity fell asleep after. We had a small 'party' that night. You don't graduate everyday!

Saturday August 16, 2014
Chill day! I slept till 1:36 pm, it was an exhausting night. I chilled the whole day. Cleaned and hung out with Gabe. We went to Phó noodles whatever place at night and to Hermosa Beach. We walked at the beach at night but we were too late for the sunset. It was still really pretty. I was wearing my parka, I was happy and warm.

Sunday August 17, 2014
Crazy mornings. Why is everybody so not quiet. Blew. I basically chilled in Starbucks and McDonalds the whole day because I needed some alone time. I really missed being on my own (even though there are so many people around me when I'm in the restaurant). It felt good. I did my laundry at night and I took a shower. This was my Academic Year, here is where it ends. This was actually my that I had to fly home but I'm not in Amsterdam tomorrow... This is it.Yeah! <3

HI people! I just want to write something under it, to make things sure. I'm not going back to the Netherlands, if you follow my Facebook you already knew. I'm starting community college the 25th of August. I have a one week break. I will continue blogging for the rest of my USA stay. It is a part of me and I can define myself by blogging. I love writing and posting about my life. It's awesome to read back and this way I won't forget anything. I don't have to contact everybody anymore because I have this blog. I hope you guys still like it. I'm going to continue it anyway! Haha!
Thank you for everything, thank you so much that I had this opportunity! I appreciate it so much. I found myself back.

I'm not good, I'm better. Strive for progress and not for perfection.

Ik wil dingen mogelijk maken die juist zo onmogelijk lijken. 
- Nacinda, December 2012

En ik denk dat ik dat zo goed als gedaan heb.
- Nacinda, Augustus 2014

Dankjewel. <3 
California Dreamin'




 Pretty view

 Those clouds :)

 Orange County



 Laguna Beach again.


 0 shits givin'

 & Gabe

 Best Godfather group ever. ILOVE YOU GUYS


this slush-ie drink 

 graduation face

 that's it

 Marine photobombed it

 and I feel so tall

 & Gabe

 & Ethan


 Jesus LOL

 and Ricardo

 & Marine

 & Gabe & Sam

 & Sam

 I got flowers <3

 trowing hats

 best picture ! (i'm in the front)

what up

 Lotte stole my cheetos....

 & Pablo

& Brechtje 

Self portrait

Best group <3

Love them <3

 & Brechtje

 & Gabe

 & Alexa, Saray and Dani


 Smile <3 i'm happy

June vs August. :)

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