zondag 31 augustus 2014

OCC week #1

Hi people! as you can see, i'm back with my blog. I changed the lay-out and everything because I'm starting to college. I kind of missed blogging, it's a part of 'me being in America'. I don't wanna end the things that give me a satisfaction and what makes me feel good. Here am I again, this time not High School, Acadamic year; no, it's college time!! Whoo!

For the record, I'm a freshman in Orange Coast College. I started at the 25th of August. I was happy to be finally in my class just because the 2 weeks before where too hectic and stressed. Yeah. This is it, this is my life, this is me staying and following my dream.

Thanks to all the people that helped me accomplishing my dream!

Monday August 25, 2014
It was school starting day! I woke up around 10 am and made myself ready. I had cereal for breakfast! The whole weird part of this day was, I wasn't nervous at all. I was wearing my jeans, polo and my blue dotted Toms. I went all confident to school :). My new sweet host dad brought me to school. The first person that I saw on campus was a guy that I met at EF, we talked for a little bit and it gave me confidence. I was kind of stressed about where I had to go. I went to the main building and the people helped me really good. I was walking with my awesome map on campus, lol. The first class was Asian Art History. Yeah, what a party... It was really different just because I was sitting in a giant lecture hall. It was not that interesting so I hope it gets better. I already got a lot of homework (see reading 49 pages and an introduction about yourself). I had another class that day and I waited for like 3 hours. I was wondering around, bought a book etc. I met a really nice girl before my class Mass Communication started. We talked and had a lot in common. The class itself was really fun! it actually made my whole day better. My host mom came to pick me up after school ended at 7:25 pm. It was a long, fun, interesting day. I had diner, Skyped with Gabe and went to bed.

Tuesday August 26, 2014
I got up around 8:30 am because my class Cultural Anthropology started at 9:35 am. I was being lazy and I had to hurry. Yeah, I came on campus 5 minutes before class started, that was totally not me. The class itself was interesting but fun. I'm gonna like that class. The study of people and the human spices is really interesting. I really want to know why we or other cultures do what we do. It got my full attention :). I went to the International Center to asked some question when I was done with class. I also went to see the swim coach at the OCC swim team. Well, I had to find it first. Campus is quite big (one side, with all the sport fields etc. on it). I asked a couple of people. After like 20 min. of biking around, I found it. The coach was really excited and that made me excited. I got on the time as the first foreign swimmer ever! WHOO! I was really happy when I heard that. It was also part of the reasons why I stayed in the US. I went to Ikea after school, I had lunch there and I FaceTime'd my parents the whole time. It made me a little homesick because I saw all the furniture that I have in my room.. Well, new life has started now! I went home and did the ice bucket challenge, how awkward was that.. ! I went to the pool to hang out there afterwards. The pool is so nice where I live. I got into the pool, tanned a little and then my host brother his friend and my little host sis came. We played in the pool. I had diner and chilled with the family. I skyped Gabe, watched netflix and fell asleep.

Wednesday August 27, 2014
I had a chill day because I only had one lecture (Mass Communication) at 6:00 pm. I hung around in my room and watched Netflix. I left the house and it was extremely hot outside. I went to Target and had lunch with an ICEE of course. I went to the bookstore too and I was almost too late in class. It was really interesting. I listened to the professor; at one point it was like chill and going over the syllabus and then writing if you were gonna die every second.. It was an interesting class with a lot of difficult vocab. I went straight home and chilled.

Thursday August 28, 2014
My alarm went off at 6:20 because I had my first practice at the team. I had breakfast and went on my bike to school. It was a little bit awkward at first but it got better later. We had a little presentation about the balance in the water. We only did drills when we swum. I got an compliment about my drive! I had to hurry after practice because I had my class starting 30 min after practice started. Class itself was good. Just a lot of writing. I went to target again after class and skyped with Gabe while I was shopping. It was really funny. I found out that my printer arrived as soon as I got home. That was pretty soon because I ordered it 2 days before I got it. I was really happy till I found out that I had no print paper. I run af to target again and I found myself wearing the comfiest clothes ever. Just a little bit embarrassing... :). My printer was installed I had diner and I went to bed while I was skyping Gabe. Goodnight!

Friday August 29, 2014
Wow, my alarm went off at 7:20 and it just felt like it was way too early.. I don't know why, maybe because I had a rough night, it was really warm in my room. I went to school and I was almost too late... I had American Government for the first time. The class was 3 hours long and really interesting. We talked about the constitution and everything. Gabe was waiting for me in the parking lot when class was over. We went shopping together at South Coast Plaza. It was fun! We went to a burger place afterwards. I had a fun afternoon.

Saturday August 30, 2014
I woke up and I FaceTime'd my parents in the Starbucks. I felt like drinking coffee :). I took care of some things and I made a to-do list. More things that I have to take care of, come easy things, and some less easy. I went back home and relaxed. I was sad because I finished the show Twisted which I was watching on Netflix. I did my homework, printed things for Asian art history and wrote notes for cultural anthropology. I skyped Gabe at night and I watched some Dutch tv-shows. I fell asleep around 12:02 am.

Sunday August 31, 2014
I woke up around 11:18. It was a good but not peaceful night. It was just way too hot in my room to actually sleep good. I didn't really do things this day. I ate eggs and toast for breakfast and showered. I saw my host families grand kid, a 3 week old baby. We went to the theatre and I saw the move 'If I Stay' with my host mom. It was a sad sad sad movie with a interesting end. You've to see it yourself though, I don't wanna spoil anything. I got home and I did my blog! That's it.

my week, hope you like it. i'm totally back :)

 my new room!

 ready for school!

 such a freshman

 art building\

 lecture hall. it looks like a theatre.

 all my normal pens. whoops.

 sun is setting.


 ice cream

ready for that stupid challenge 

 it's real

 swimming pool on my tuesday afternoon.

 watching Twisted.

 new printer

 & Alexa <3

 & Dani <3

those trees are epic


 my love.

 sun set

watching the movie 'If I Stay'

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