maandag 8 september 2014

OCC week #2 (birthday)

My birthday week.

I had an awesome labor day spending in Huntington and Irvine with Gabe. I met al his friends, that was cool.
I had school the rest of the week. It was okay, I had my first quiz. I ended up with a C... I'm supposed to be a A student because of my transfer wishes... yeah, it's gonna be a tough semester.

It was also my birthday last week. It was really cool, my parents called me up and they serious can not sing but it was so so sweet <3.
I went to school and Gabe picked my up. I went home FaceTime'd my parents again and unwrapped my present (underwater iPhone case). We went to Newport beach and had sushi, we drove to Laguna Beach to go to the beach, it wasn't on purpose. I went back to Irvine and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We ended the beach in newport. It was a great day. I went back home and my host family gave me a present too. It was a good birthday.

I saw the movie " Sex Tape " in the weekend, it was really funny! Oh and I tested my new case.







 beach time

 yeah sorry gabe i just stole your friends.



 first quiz

 i clearly needed some markers

 my hair <3

 my dream barbie shoes

 lady gaga

 present <3

 pre-birthday selfie

 my door <3

 this cat <3

 or this cat



 pretty pretty laguna

haha lol, weirdo's


 sun was setting



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