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Update + Best Pictures - Halfway Fall 2014.

Hi dear lovely blog readers. I thought it was time for a little post. I want to share all the amazing moments that I had so far going to Orange Coast College and everything around it. I'm trying to find closure and distraction. Blogging came out of it.

You guys are probably wondering how I am doing? Well, it's a long story but I'm fine. I found out that I'm halfway through my semester and I'm going to sign up for new classes next week, excited!
I've done a lot of things, but I rather want the pictures tell you what I did. haha, clever, yes, I know (and oh so humble..).
School and classes are going decent, my grades are decent. I need to work a little harder than everybody else because of the difference in culture and the difference in native language. It's hard, but it's so worth it.
I'm taking Cultural Anthropology; the studie of groups of people in a different culture and environment. We try to understand why other cultures do things the ways they do. It's interesting how your identity is decided by your culture or for example with who you're gonna live in your future. If a culture is bilateral, {grabs book to see again what it was again}, matrilineal or patrilineal.
My second subject is American Government. Well, the name of the subject says it. it's interesting but extremely boring. I know now what the three branches are of the government and that everything is based on the Constitution. Yes, I know, smarty-pants here. Lol. This by far the most difficult subject I'm taking so far just because I didn't grow up here.
My third subject is Mass Communication. It's about how the (mass) media began and the steps it took to be like it is the way it is now. Yeah, it's pretty dry but it's not that hard. The only thing is, I had a 47/100 on my first test. Please, don't ask me what I did but I studied for 6 hours... So my grade is not that high even though my other test results were not bad at all!
I'm taking History of Asian Art. Yes, an art class. Yes, Nacinda is taking an art class. Lol, I'm not an art person (well, I write poems but that's about it). What we do in class it filling in the studie guide about asian art. We look if an art piece is a relief sculpture or not. It's pretty cool because I didn't know anything about Asia and seriously nothing about the Asian art. It's still pretty dry and you've to studie a lot...
Oh and I'm taking self-paced math. That means that I'm doing everything on myself. I basically learn my self how to do math with help of a book and I finished my first math class (pre-algebra) and I'm taking Elementary Algebra right now.. It's going okay, it's a lot of work. It's by far the best subject I'm taking, haha lol.
That's about it. Oh wait, I'm on the swim team. It's not season yet so we only practice twice a week and have twice a week weight training. Season starts the 13th of January. Yes, excited!

You're probably about to ask about my social life...  Well, it's going decent too. Lol, what an excitement here. People who go to community college are basically in their own bubble. It feels to me that they're not open to make any friends. That doesn't mean I'm completely lonely, I talk to people and most of them are really nice. It's just more like, I haven't made tons of friends. My swim team is great by the way. Everybody is really sweet, and they respect and accept everybody, I'm glad with that. The time will do great work, and next semester will be fine!
And I can see you thinking; 'what about your boyfriend.' We broke up last Tuesday. Yes, it's sad and I really don't want to say much about it. We decided that it was better to be friends, it's at least something. What we had was great, and I will keep all the memories we made safe. He made me smile. I'm really thankful that we could spent the last (officially 3 but more like 6 or 7) months together, it was totally worth it.

What people always ask me is: 'school is free where you from, why are you here?' Sounds kind of mean in its own way, lol thanks. I wasn't happy back home, I always felt a part of me belonged in the USA. I can get a good education here, I can go to university and get a degree. It saves me time and gives me more memories to be happy about when I'm a old-cranky-lady. My opportunities when it comes to swimming are so much bigger here. I just want to live my dream, and that is being in the USA. It has cost my whole life that I had in the Netherlands but it was all totally worth it. Even times are though sometimes, I can only grow, get bigger and get stronger.

Another funny part; I met two Dutch people at my school. Haha, totally random but I thought it was fun. How can you met two people in such a random place at such a random school. Just sayin'.

I love everybody and everybody's support. I may be not talking to my friends and family every day but I found out recently that you guys will always be there even though everybody is in a different place in the world.

Are you ready for the 'my life in pictures'. I'm stoked!

Here it comes:

 It was pretty moment, just when I was biking over the 405. Good morning, and yes I bike to school!

I had practice this morning and I was waiting outside. It was about 93°F (≈ 32°C). I Had a bad hair day so I braided my hair. Oh and I lost those sunglasses... I don't know where they are and that sucks.

When I stayed in the Days Inn for those few days, my 'roomie' gave me the rest of here white chocolate cheesecake red velvet cake. I was stoke to order it again since that moment. It taste like heaven I must say. Oh and this was in the Cheesecake Factory, Huntington Beach.

This was pretty, I don't know what it was though. It's across from the Cheesecake Factory where we ate the cake.

Bringing my iPhone with my while I'm puddling in the Pacific Ocean. This picture is taken in Newport Beach. Such a pretty place.

UCI's baseball field.

Another part of UCI's campus. Why it it so pretty...!?

Sunrise in Orange County while I was going to the fitness complex for weight training with my swim team. It was so pretty.

 My lovely bunny friend that I found hopping around campus.

Or my other friend. haha.

 Fashion Island, Newport Beach (or Irvine...)

 Shopping time!

That face: 'haha, today I'm tryin' to be cool, tryin' to get my inner hippie out of me.'

 My other animal friend. Miss Duck.  She was waiting with my for the bus when I was on my way to Redondo Beach.

No filter version. I was waiting in Redondo and it was like always: windy!

Lovely Los Angeles. Yes, I know, I can't take a panorama picture (see grey right side). Picture made at the Griffith Observatory.

Piano stairs, he was totally in his element. :) (he's a piano player)

 Hollywoon BLVD with its weird Greek-ish buildings.

Ferris wheel in Irvine Sectrum mall.

 And its view!

 We climed a mountain to enjoy the view of Orange County. It was worth the hike and the view was beautiful.

 Enjoying time (lol) at the Ferris wheel.

Such a OCC suporter.

 What I needed to know for Asian Art history.

Hi, I have Los Angeles in the back and I'm at the Griffith Observatory!

I went to Ikea too which was fun.

no comment, just want to share.

I BOUGHT A BACKBACK, OH WAIT, I GOT IT FOR FREE. haha, a big deal in Nacinda's life if you went from the beginning to school in EF LA. (#Lotte, #Brechtje you know what i'm sayin')

Ready for Gabe's brothers' wedding.

 Palos Verdes with one of the grooms (oh lol, it's Gabe)

 Photo Booth pictures. We should've gone back to middle school or something.... that's what people said.

Sunset in my 'American home town, Redondo Beach.' Isn't pretty? <3

I was taking a snapchat selfie while I was watching Netflix.

Ehh.. I mean, bus, WHERE ARE YOU. I was waiting for the bus but you know what they said: 'These busses ain't loyal.' *wink*

I went to UCI's Shocktoberfest 2014. It was amazing but boring in its own way.

Ready for Halloween I guess.

 Yes, I went to the 'Los Angeles County Museum of Art'

 LACMA's famous light-thing-ys

 the shadow is beautiful. i love those alien trees.

 smile as much as you can. keep the things that make you happy close to you.

 my view up when I was studying at the grass on campus.

 Palmtree sitting, study time!

 My parents sent me autodrop (candy), Mascha (famous Dutch beauty blogger)'s Happy Life and tea. It was time to think and read. It was 'me' time!

just because i think this picture is cute.

I've to write a paper with 1000 words about that sword. yes, my life is so complete now. Can I leave now..?haha

 Yes, I saw the Samurai expedition for freeee.

 and that picture made me smile because I probably have to go to college for 5/6 years. happy life!

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