vrijdag 2 januari 2015

Happy 2015!

Wow. It's already 2015, this year went by way too fast! So many things happened in 2014. I wanna wrap up 2014 in this article and tell you guys how my winterbreak was!

It all started when I was with my relatives in Orange County for new years. My EF Language Course started the 6th of January. My eight months of studying English started. A total new thing, a fresh start, was how I saw it. It was finally my year. I was finally gonna figure out who I was and what I wanna do in my life. And no, it wasn't easy at all. Laura came in my second week and we went to Disney land in Anaheim, we had the greatest time, best day of the year, haha I guess.

I found my group of awesome friends around the end of February and the beginning of March. I had the greatest time during my swimming banquet and Springbreak. I dip-dyed my hair pink, I met Rebecca Soni & Ariana Kukors, I saw Chris, who I met in Idaho, again in Santa Monica and I was basically on the beach the whole time.
I failed my level test after Springbreak and I got a homesick after that. I was surrounded by great and lovely people that always helped me.

I went to San Diego, The Getty Villa, Malibu, multiple times to Santa Monica & Venice Beach and Camarillo Outlets in April and May. It was so much fun. Slowly my friends were leaving and so started June. I went to Six Flags and we tie-dyed t-shirts in Lotte's and Brechtje's last week. It was sad to see my two best friends go but I knew it wasn't gonna be for long.
I started hanging out with Dani & Alexa and they've been great too. With all the Dutch-Latin, we had a great time.

The time of saying bye to lovely friends was coming.. The whole Dutch crew left and I started to hang out with Bart and Jorik! I was slowly getting closer to my American friends who I met back in February (Ryan and Gabe). The world cup in Brazil started and I cheered every game for my lovely country. We ended up being 3rd in of the world. I fell of my bike and I infected my feet and men.. that hurts.. I went by bus to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica with Jorik which was such an fun experience. Also Asgar came to LA and we spent time together. Seeing friends who you didn't see in a long time is always great.
I had to change host family the last month of my whole trip, which was sad because I didn't wanna move everything in my last month. I ended up in the Days Inn for three nights and then in North Redondo.

I ended up in upper advanced level and I had a great teacher plus a great class. I miss them. I became a EF Godfather and made great trips with them. I helped the new students every Monday in the summer. I went to UCLA to see the Real Madrid players. I went to the OC fair with Lotte too. Everything was just awesome at one point because Lotte came back to LA and so did Brechtje. I got my best friends back and it was great. I started dating Gabe and last but not least I got accepted in Orange Coast College so I could stay in America. Great!

It was finally time for my last month. It was crazy busy because I had to take care of college, housing and all that kind of stuff. It was also time for me to graduate. It was finally my time after I saw everybody go. Graduation was fun, yes, it was finally time to say bye to the EF life which was sad in its own way. Time for college.
I had exactly one week of summer break before school started in Costa Mesa, CA.

It was time to be serious with life and so I went to college, starting as a Biology major freshman at Orange Coast College the 24th of August. The classes that I was taking were History of Asian Art, Cultural Anthropology, Mass Communication, American Government, Pre-Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. I also got into the OCC swim team, and I'm doing really great.
Oh haha, my birthday, which was September 5, was also somewhere there. I got a year older. Finally!
My first semester went with a lot of ups and downs. I had to wait seven weeks till my boyfriend moved to Orange County too. Seven weeks of seeing him twice a week was hard, but we survived. Our first breakup came but everything got fixed the day after. I had Gabe's brothers wedding, which was such an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I got to be there. I also went to Shocktoberfest 2014 at UC Irvine which was a cool event! I went to LACMA too, it's an art museum in Los Angeles.

The second half of the semester was there and my grades where ok. I finished my first math class with a B and started my second one. In the meantime, Lotte was back LA too which was nice, having my friend back! Gabe broke up with me the second time, we got back together 5 days later after a good talk. Love never dies out, and some people need to realize that when there're not together for so long. I'm still really thankful for my family back in the Netherlands being there for me even though they couldn't do anything. December 6, 2014 was also the date that I was in the USA for exactly one year. We hung out with Ryan and Lotte a couple of times after that and finals week started. I failed all my finals but only just one class, guess what, yes American Government. The rest of my grades were: B, B, C, D (for the transferable classes) and a B and a Pass (for the non transferable classes). It was december, and finally, my family came.

My family came and as surprise my grandma was there too. We went on a road trip; Las Vegas, Death Valley, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, San Fransisco, I saw Sam in Santa Barbara and back to Irvine. I celebrated Christmas in Redondo Beach and we went on our second trip to Tucson, Arizona to visit my grandma's nephew. We stopped in San Diego on our way back to Costa Mesa which was cool. We did some great shopping and we went to Downtown Disney. On the last day we went to Laguna Beach to eat ice cream and we ate at an Mongolian Wok for the last diner. I said bye to my family and  celebrated New Years Eve with Ryan, Lotte and Gabe. And we're in 2015! yay.

here are some pictures!!


 On our way to the Death Valley

Hi :D

 Hi again

 Lake Tahoe, CA


 San Fransisco

 Highway 1

 & Sam

 Shoppin for days

 Chelsea <3

 Merry Christmas

Roadtrip :D

 Sand dunes

 San Diego


 my mom <3

 Grandma & mom <3

 eating ice cream with little brother.

 Laguna Beach

Last family diner

 aren't we looking alike <3

mom and dad

 duck face

 ready for new years

happy new year.

The last year has been crazy and fun. I've done so many thing I wouldn't have done if I stayed in The Netherlands. I've spent the whole year in the USA which is a bit of an accomplishment too. I found love and great friends. Thank you Lotte, Ryan Brechtje, Dani, Alexa, Bart, Jorik, Sam, Martine, Saray my family, Doran and in particular; Gabe and of course everybody else <3. It has been a great year and I wouldn't have been the same without. Thank you!
I've overcome some of my greatest fears and I've become a better and more accepting person. Life is so much nicer after I let things go. I learned a lot and it only gets better from this point. Life goes with ups and down otherwise you're not alive. Happy New Year <3.

- Intersession (winter semester) starts the January 5, 2015 and I've 5 weeks of just Intermediate Algebra. Swim season starts January 12 and spring semester starts February 2nd (?). I'm going to take Chemistry, ESL English, Trigonometry and Zoology. Yes! -


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