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January, February & March 2015

Hey guys! It has been a while since the last time I posted something. I thought it was fair enough to give everybody who's following me a update about how I have been. It's been good! A lot has happened though!

January 2015
Intersession is over. Done with Algebra for now! It went great for the first two weeks until I completely blanked out on my third exam and I studied the wrong thing for my last exam. I passed the class, but my GPA didn't appreciate the grade. Let's don't talk about that anymore and get straight A's from now on in math haha. I had algebra class everyday from 11:00 am till 2:30 pm. There was some hard word and discipline needed to come everyday and stay focused. I did it! Proud.

The second week of my intersession class, swim season started. The first two weeks were pretty chill, with practices starting at 7:30 am and no afternoons. The last week was the normal schedule and it started at 6:30 am till 9:00 am with afternoons (which I couldn't attend because of the algebra 2 class I was taking). It was pretty hard to get back into the swimming lifestyle after not swimming for a month. It was mentally and physically hard.

My social life was pretty good too. Gabe's friend left to Missouri and his goodbye party was sad but a lot of fun. Gabe and I went out for diner and he forgot to turn off his light so we waited for the AAA (American ANWB) for more than an hour, that happened too. We baked Dutch panes, which was so much fun! Our 6 month anniversary was in January too. <3 lovely huh.

February 2015
The first weekend of February, Gabe, Ryan and me went to Santa Barbara for Lottes birthday. I broke my phone screen (like SUPER bad), but we still had an amazing time in Isla Vista. Crazy place, but a awesome new experience!
School started for real this time, it was time for spring semester. I was taking chemistry (+lab), trigonometry, zoology (+lab) and ESL English. The first week of school was super hard, I ended up dropping ESL English because I just couldn't do it with al the other classes, labs, dry land and swimming. Even the ESL advisors were saying the same thing.
School was finally a little better the second week and I slowly started to get used my new busy schedule. It was Valentines day and Gabe and I (+ his family) went to Knott's Berry Farm. It's an amusement park in Buena Park (next to Anaheim). It was really cool, really small though if your used to Six Flags and Disney Land. Haha.
Next week was super busy with all the chemistry homework and trigonometry homework that was due. It sucked but I made it through. It was also the week of my first college swim meet in North Cal(ifornia). It was great and I got to know my team mates better, it was really good for the bonding and such. My races went pretty well! I was happy to be back in Orange County though haha. I went to the movie Fifty Shades of Gray with Gabe. I was a little in shock, but it was a great movie!
I dissected a living worm in my zoology lab, which was really cool! I had another swim meet but this time it was in Fullerton. I had to swim the mile, which is 66 labs... That was a lot but I did it under the 20 min, so my coach was satisfied (for now......).
Yeah that was my February, a lot of new things and new experiences.

March 2015
I went to Sky High (trampoline-worl-thing) in the first weekend of March with some people from my team. It was fun, a little exhausting though haha. I was in Newport Beach with Gabe and his friends. It was pretty. The upcoming weekend was so hard, I had a chemistry exam, a zoology exam and a zoology lab practical... I was basically drowning in all the stuff I need to know. I was extremely happy when that week was over.
I went to the zoo with Gabe and we observed the lovely animals there while we both were looking funny. Haha. I had to observe a camel and some cockroaches. It was a small sad zoo the Santa Ana Zoo. I was super busy with my animal observation report the next week and Gabe and I were not on the same level. There was a lot of stress going on, and swimming + school didn't help either.
I came through it and I had a 30/30 for my animal paper.
It was trigonometry time for the next week and I had a lot of homework. I did it all and I had a perfect score on the homework. I dissected a crayfish and a grasshopper in zoology class and we had a daphnia project too (it's like a little water flea). There was another swim meet in Huntington Beach and Gabe came to watch me. It was super hot that weekend. We went out for sushi that night, and we had a great time (I did the 1000 free). Swimming was getting harder and I am basically tired and sore all the time.
I got my iPhone screen fixed too (thank to Tim) and I got a new Lifeproof case in the mail! I died my hair purple (oh no, Gabe did it) and it looked kinda interesting. My new Arena Carbon Pro tech suit came in the mail too, yessss, so happy! It was St. Patricks Day too and I went to Huntington Beach with some people of my team. Yeah that's about it.
Life was super busy and super stressful in March (till March 21 so far).

picture time:

 baking pancakes with babe.

 new cap + goggles

 the pool ...


& Jessica

Waiting for days with babe


 Newport is pretty

 It was a pretty clear day <3



 those crackers. I SWEAR!

Phone cracked. yay


again. swimming

black & white. face of the night haha.


warm weather.

microscopic view on things.

this new shirt is great.

 happy valentines day <3

waiting in line

 ha`hahaha little kids feeling.

* i mean cooler

 somewhere in Irvine.

Las Positas College, Livermore

 & Cory + his awesome make-up

haha charming, i know.

 & Gillian.


 Babe <3

 This random selfie... haha.

observing the camel and dromedary.

 my dear camel friend.

Time for practice.

 crazy up side down life.

& Victoria & Larissa

Babe at my swim meet. Loving it.

On my way to eat sushi.

greetings for underwater.


 It fits. yay.

 St. Patricks Day outfit

 Feelin fancy. sneak peak.
 Italian Ice Cream <3

Huntington Beach.

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I had a great, hard, busy last three months. There were a lot of changes happening, and so many new experiences. It was mentally and physically hard. I'm super thankful that I got the opportunity to be on a college swim team and just to be in college in general. I have made a great connection to my swim team and I'm happy for that. I'm still happy how things between my boyfriend and me are going, and that he makes me smile everyday again. Everyday is hard, but it makes me feel like I'm truly living. Thanks to everybody that has been there for me so far in 2015. I love you all, and I appreciate it. <3

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