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Last week of March, April & May 2015

Spring semester is over, I'm finally done with my freshman year of college. I also thought it was a good idea to update my blog because my year is over. I'm just gonna tell you guys about the last week of March, April and of course May. You're gonna be so amazed about how many thing has changed and what actually has happened.
To start with the best and best news of all: we (the girls) got second at state championships, which was the highlight of the whole semester.

Wanna know the rest of what was going on in my life! Read more :D

Last week of March 2015
The last week of March was pretty basic to be honest, haha. I had a swim meet in Riverside and it was honestly the most emotional and mentally hardest meet of the whole season. I had to swim the 200 free and the 500 free in the morning (and my coach didn't let me finish the 500 free) and in the afternoon I had to swim the 1650y, in 95 degree weather, and the 50 free. It was super hot and it didn't really go great, but oh well. Springbreak started right after that so hey, that was something good. We also had a little hang-out-thing with a few people from my team that night, which made everything a little better too!
Happy birthday to my BFF in the Netherlands too, Annemarijn! I went to Redondo beach by bus, even though I promised myself never ever to go by bus again.. oh wel :). I went back the same night and went out shopping. I went to practice the next day and back to the mall to change it into a different style (my new bikini).

April 2015
April started good with springbreak. It was alright, but we had practice everyday, I mean, it wasn't that bad, we swum with 10 lbs weightbelds. I got really bored during springbreak and I went to the pool and just tanned there by myself and took pictures. They turned out pretty cool.
We had another swim meet in Pasadena, it was a super hot out there too. I had to swim the 500 free on the first day and te 100 breast and 200 breast the second day. I also did all the relays A & B. It was a fun swim meet and I thought that I qualified myself for state on the 200 breast so our team got 'split up' into to two different groups. I was in the state group and we had the hardest practices that you could ever image.. I swear, the week after Pasadena I pushed myself so hard every practice and I was so tired the weekend after. Easter came around that Sunday and I went to church in Redondo Beach.
I got my coast Jolyn the Monday after Easter, so happy! I had my chemistry test before Conference Championships and I got a 80.5/100.
Conference Championships came and I wasn't really prepared at all, I had to swim the 500 free the first day. I had to go to Zoology Lab that night and I basically fell asleep during class. I had to bike home that night in my parka and it was seriously the worse.. I ate diner and I fell asleep right away when my leg touched the bed, haha. I only swum het 4x200 free the second day of conference, the girls and I got first and we beat Golden West by 0.1 sec, it was awesome. I went to Chipotle that night to eat taco's, it was pretty good. I swum the 200 breast in the morning and in the afternoon, I also did the 1650 in the afternoon, the last day of conference. I got third on the 1650y and I swum a minute faster than I did before. I ended up second on the 200 breast after a total mental breakdown during my swim because of some reasons. The girls team got Conference Champions for the 11th time in a row and we gotta push the coaches in the water, which was super fun! We had practice the next morning, or just a loosing up. My legs were extremely tired! Some girls and I went to Korean bbq the next day, which was great, so much good food.
Half of the team made it to state and so did I. I was going to swim the 500 free, 200 free, 1650 and the 4x100 Medley, 4x50 Medley & 4x200 free. It was great tapering for state championships. The practices were easy and the group we had was fun. I had a sore throat and I didn't feel good the few days after conference, but it got better, luckily! School was going just fine, busy with trigonometry, chemistry and zoology but I was hanging in there. I had a zoology field trip in Newport Beach at the tight pools there. It was fun walking around on the rock and checking out starfish and sea anemones. I went to LA the next day to go to an opera. I don't know it was called but it was quite.. interesting!
It was Kingsday in The Netherlands and of course I had to show up all orange at school, not that anybody got why but still, proud Dutch. The weather got super hot the week before State and I basically only had class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was so ready, I bought food, I shaved, I was tapered, I was gonna do it! We drove to East LA on Thursday morning and I had my first swim which was the 500 free. I swum my own time and I made it back to Consoles Finals in the afternoon (it's like B finals). I had fun at the hotel with all the girls and everything. I swum a second slower in the afternoon because I died after 200y.. oh well.. I ended up 11th out of 16 in the state. I also swum the 4x100 Medley and we got 3rd in the State. I told myself to enjoy state and have fun too, I don't want to ruin this amazing experience just by not swimming fast times, you know.
My April was super busy but fun!

May 2015
The last two days of state happened to be the first two days of May, haha.
I swum the 200y free in the second day of state and I made it back to consoles in the afternoon. I did the 4x50 Medley in the afternoon and we got State Champions. It was such a positive boost which I needed. I got 10th on the 200 freestyle and we got 2nd on the 4x200 free and I swum a personal record. The last day of state was the most fun. I had to swim the 1650y and I won my heat with more that 8 seconds ahead of number two. Apparently, I was fast enough out of everybody to get the 7th place medal. Yes! I got 7th on the mile in the state! My coach put my in the 4x100 freestyle relay at the end and I swum a 53. which was so great because I haven't done the 100y the whole season. We got second in the state and that was awesome. We gotta go home with a trophy and they announced us and stuff! Swim season was amazing! My swim team had a team party to celebrate that the season was over, which was fun.
The news that I got when I got home wasn't as amazing as state championships. My host mom told me that my host dad passed away caused by a heart attack on April 30th. It was a total shocker and I had no idea how that could happen and how to even deal with that..
We had a team meeting the next day and I went out shopping for a dress for the banquet. I went to a bonfire with Amy in Dena Point afterwards. I recruited at Golden West college (sunset league) for new swimmers for next year and I had practice at Riptide aquatics to stay in shape over summer. I was just keeping myself busy and everything to not think about everything.
Gabe broke up with me the Friday after state and that was just it. I was done with it, I couldn't handle the fact that my host dad died, swim ended, that school was not going great, at least not biology, and that my nine and a half month relationship ended... I lost my focus.
I went to a bonfire the next day and Ihop with some teammates. I found out my bike got stolen the Monday I got back at school. Great.... We had our team photo and last meeting the next Monday. I had to leave right away because I had my host dad's viewing and funeral right after. The burial was the next day in Riverside. We went to Long Beach right after the burial and we were there with basically the whole family. It was good that I went so I could give it a place too. I went to Riverside again on Thursday to recruit at CIF. It was finally time for the banquet and it was a good end of something so awesome. Everybody look amazing and so pretty. I got the award of 'Most Improved Swimmer', which was super awesome. I did trigonometry and chemistry homework the whole weekend and I was just super busy with that. I had two more weeks left of school with 8 exams and tests. Much YAS... I tried my best and I think I did ok, at least, I did ok in my math class. I went to the pool on Tuesday and jumped of the diving board. My new bike arrived too and my host brother and I put it all together. I basically hung out with friends and had lunch and such, and not to forget, I studied A LOT. Lotte came to Costa Mesa on Saturday to hang out with me, that was great, I needed some girl time and she stayed the night. We basically wondered around in IKEA and around my school. I went back to Torrance with her because it was Ryans last day of work so we all hung out. It was a fun night. It was also memorial day so I had no school on Monday which was perfect too. My finals week was busy and I did really good on my trigonometry test, I don't know how the rest went.. yet.. I'm glad it's over. Lotte and Ryan came and we drove around and hung out too. I went back to Redondo Beach on Thursday, summer break has started!! I went EF, my old school that Friday to say hi and they still recognized me, it was nice to see where everything started. It brought up some really good memories. I took the bus back to Costa Mesa, and that took forever.. I hung out with my host family at the pool yesterday and I went to a birthday party.
I'm super glad school is over, at least for now!

Here are the pictures:

 ha ha.

That hair tho. 

Current feeling.

 Sanddollar in lab.

 Subway lunch!


 Just because I got super bored.

 Pasadena Invite.

Current feeling.


 That's dead shark. I love my zoology lab, hehe.

B A S I C.

Those glasses ^^

Parking lot sunset.

 Second at Conference in the 500 free.

Everyone is just about to pass out.

 Conference champs at the 4x200 freestyle.

1650 babes :)


 & Amy <3

 Great photobomb.. good job :D

Korean BBQ

 When they don't give you a fork and a knife but instead scissors and chopsticks....

Swimming in the rain!

 Ready for Kingsday!

 Tide pools in Newport.

Feetie ^

 Opera time :)

Selfie :D

It got so hot at school..


Say goodbye to the arm hair. Shaved and tapered.

 First day of State Championships.

 Our hotel

Let finals begin!

 Pre 4x100 Medley selfie!!

 Indoor pool.

 Sunset was pretty


State day 3 :)

7TH IN THE 1650y

 & Rebecca

 When we got second on the 4x200 :D

 4x100 freestyle + coach

 Lovely team <3

 Trophy <3

 New shirt


 After swim season nails :)


 View at Huntington Beach Pier

So much creativity :D

 & Valerie before the crazy team photo

Host sister love.

My feet did just hurt like hell..

 Fun photo <3

 Zoomed in

R.I.P. Host Dad <3

Before practice selfie.


 Banquet time


 Newport Beach, CA.

 "Most Improved Swimmer"

 Coach Anthony

 & Tyler


 & Jake

 & Gillian & Lauren

&  Gillian & Amy.


 Awkward :D.

 On My Way.

 Oh hey.

Just turned in my parka.. that sad moment..


 My new bike <3.

 I want that dress.

 Transfer stop with Lotte on our way to LA.

That fancy pink calculator.


Just saying  hello.

Wow. Spring semester is now really over. I survived my freshman year of college. It was a hell of a year, and I wouldn't picture myself in the position right now a year ago. Crazy how life can just make a 90 degree change in a few days, just like it did at one point.
I'm still trying to find my focus again. The last four weeks has been extremely hard on me, it may has not seemed like it. It's getting better every day, but of course I have my moments. I'm just so happy that there is finally a break from all the stress.
I'm gonna start school in two weeks, Pre-Calculus and two weeks later World Regional Geography. FUN.

As I said before and for the people who has been following me for a long time probably still remember: 'cry a river, build a bridge and get over it.' It will be all fine, that's what time is for.

"In this California king bed, 
We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars
For your heart, for me
My California king" - Rihanna

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