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June, July & August 2015 - Summerbreak

Well, here we are again. My summer break is over and school starts tomorrow.
It has been a long summer with a lot of math and geography, but yeah, I choose for that myself, I guess. Fall semester 2015 is gonna start tomorrow (or for the people in Netherlands who read this, today). You wanna know what else I did? Here's a new blogpost!

June 2015
I think June started off pretty good, school was over and I was pretty happy that I finally had a two week break. I went with one of my friends to Palm Springs. It was really pretty and really hot over there. I went to a the Palm Springs High School graduation, which was cool because I had never seen something like that. After that I went camping at Lake Hemmet for 3 days. It was such a cool experience, it was my first real time camping and I enjoyed it. There was a little waterpark and we had a lot of fun. I miss it. I just chilled the last week of my break and went to Gabes graduation (congratulations..!), or not really, I went to his lunch-thing. My Pre-Calculus class started the week after and it was really easy. I decided to quit Rip Tide to because the whole schedule didn't match up with my school schedule, which was kinda sad. I hung out with high schoolers that weekend, that was fun. One week in my math class my geography class started, fun! I went golfing in the last weekend.

July 2015
July was of course the month of Independence Day! Fourth of July was fun, after we went to the beach we went to Ryan's family and watched the fireworks in Carson (LA). It was a fun but super exhausting day. I had a couple math quizes and a 2 test too... It all went alright! My first geography test came around too, weeeeeee, exciting. The weekend after my test; I went to Santa Monica by bike (from Redondo, lol not from Costa Mesa, that'b hell). It was a really hot day but so cool, I've done it before in Jan 2014. Santa Monica is pretty. It was also 7 Eleven (it's a store) day, haha, free slushies!! I got a whatsapp from my brother and we got a fish at home, haha so much fun. I got a package from my parents later that week and it was so sweet. It was like christmas came early, so much goodies. I also went to the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes and it started raining while we were walking through it... Great. I took some pretty pictures of flowers and natures though. We hung out with Lotte & Ryan later that day and to the beach the next day. I had a presentation that Monday in my geography class, and to be honest, I kinda sucked at it.... :/ I went to the Palos Verdes cliffs and to buffalo wild wings that weekend. Oh and I had a red velvet cheese cake from the Cheesecake Factory because it was my sweet grandmas birthday! <3 I bought a few floaties that week so I could chill by the pool easily after I was done with studying for the day. Oh we hung out with David later that weekend, and that was my July...! It was pretty fun.

First 3 weeks of August 2015
August started alright, I had my final for Geography and I passed the class with a solid B. I had a bunch of math tests and quizzes too and because my final score wasn't that great, I got a 78.5% in the class. Yeah that was a huge bummer, so much time and energy went into that stupid class. But you know, that's how college works, it disappoints even though you worked super hard. I had a two week break and I broke my phone screen again, this time just the corner, not that bad. I chilled in Redondo mostly with my friends down there. I had a good and relaxing 2 week summer break. Sad it isn't longer, I'm not relaxed enough hahaha. I went bowling too, and I ended up last haha... I also made war fries in my break though, patatje oorlog (french fries, peanut sauce, mayonaise and diced onions). It was soooooo good. 



 Lake Hemmet; so pretty


With Lotte <3

 < 3 y'all are the best
what uppppp

Newport Beach palm three

After Lake Hemmet, that was the best!


 and more sushi.....

 and more boba tea.....

 one day... one day...

The grad

Pool time

 Just trying stuff on :)
 Yessss, it's summer!

Golfing with lovely people, I sucked haha.

 FaceTime'ing with Annemarijn <3 I miss you!


Fourth of July

& Lotte & the rest


The barbie lips


 Santa Monicaaaa pier


 Thank you <3

 There used to be a lake

 Pretty flowers

New macbook sticker



 Fishtail braid




 I just thought that was funny


Tanning for dayyys.

School starts tomorrow, chemistry, calculus, ESL 60 (english as a second language) and public speaking. I'm not really excited, yet. 

Yeah, after a rough end of springsemester, rockbottom, there was only one way and that was back up. I'm doing alright, I'm just a little sick now... 

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