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Fall 2015 - Winter break - Intersession 2016

Hey lovely blog people who are probably wondering if I'm still alive. That's a good question, but the answers is, obviously, YES! I am alive and how haha :)
It has been a while since I wrote here, I simply didn't have the time or the motivation to write anything nice and good about me life. Now though, I've been through fall semester 2015, had my winter break in my lovely country and finished two online intercession classes. So here's the update before school starts tomorrow!

Fall semester 2015 - 
End of August, September, Oktober, November & beginning of December
School started and I had the classes: Calculus 1, ESL 060, Chemsity 130 (same as spring 2015) & Public Speaking. It was my 18th birthday September 5th and it was a well spend labor day weekend with my lovely friends. My birthday present came later that month and it was the iPhone 6s, which I wanted in line for about 11 hours. It was worth it but I was exhausted haha. 
My English class professor didn't really like me because of my "continuous disruptive behavior"... End of the story, I met the Dean of Students, two days later I got dropped from the class, and after that had appointments with the International Director, the Dean of Athletics and the Dean of Literature & Language. Nice people I would say. I retook the placement test and scored into English 100 (first non ESL class), so I now I have change of graduating from OCC this Spring 2016! 
I spend my halloween with the swim and polo girls and I had a great night that ended at Norms (restaurant). My thanksgiving was pretty calm, my lovely host mom made dinner with her friend and we had dinner with their family and my host family (minus the two sons). I left later that night to go Black Friday shopping with.... my future roommate !! Yes, by this time I made 3 really good friends and that I was going to move in with in December. I got a nice winter jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch for 50% and some Victoria Secret's. The next day (or same day.. depends how you look at it) I got my brother his Christmas present and my dad's (already got my mom something from VS). The next week it was time to hug my sweet host mom, host sister, two host brothers goodbye. I had spend a year and four months with them. I also had a bike accident in the same week and got a hand contusion, I had to go to the hospital by ambulance.. After finals it was finally finally finally the time to say goodbye to California and switch it for my birth country, The Netherlands! 
I did pretty well in my class, I got an A for Public Speaking, C for calculus (I actually never though I was going to make it because we only had three test and I bombed one really bad), C for Chemistry (which is one letter grade higher than last semester so that's a yay too) and a W for ESL 060 (because I got dropped and then I dropped myself)

Winter break -
Christmas & New Year's 2015/2016 in The Netherlands
After a nine hour and 30 minute flight, it was finally there. I finally set my both feet back in the place where I have spend at least 16 years of my life. I hadn't been there for 2 years, I had to miss the rain, wind, good food, best friend, swim team and everything else. I landed in Amsterdam on a Friday morning, two hours later I saw on my grandma's couch after we (my parents and I) almost have her a heart attack by surprising her with my appearance. The look on my grandma's face was priceless. I saw my old math teach at my old high school when I came to pick up my little brother from school, it was amazing too because I gave him the doughnuts that I promised two years ago, haha. I had to adjust a little but looking at my 'little' brother because, jeez, he is so tall now!! My best friend, Annemarijn, and her boyfriend, Brian, came to visit me that same Friday. It was so weird but I loved it; although, I was basically falling asleep! I went to the pool the next morning to surprise everyone there too, haha, those looks, it will never get old! I went to The Hague (Den Haag) with my family to go shopping and yes, it was raining. I hung out with Annemarijn, went to the dentist, made an appointment with tooth surgeon (lol?) to remove my right bottom wisdom tooth and studied for my written driving test. The next weekend had a swim meet and I went to see Lotte in her hometown, Brechtje was there too. I cheered on my brother the next day when he swum the 1500m freestyle, lol my 1650y time was still faster little one ;). It was finally the time to say bye to my wisdom tooth and  hello to a fat hamster cheek. Jeez, that was not fun.. I took my first written driving test and I didn't pass, the second one I did! 
Finally, it was Christmas and my grandma came over, we did presents, and we had a nice calm family dinner. I had salmon because there wasn't much else I could eat.. I got towels, a backpack, parfum and a bracelet. We spend Second Christmas Day in a garden store (?) (Intratuin voor de Nederlanders onder ons) and we got stuff for next Christmas. 
The next week, my lovely friend Dini was in The Netherlands and her, Sharinna and me went to Rotterdam. It was so much fun. We had dinner with our old high school friends group and it was great to hear how everyone was doing and of course to see everyone! We took so many pictures <3 
New Year's Eve was next and it was well spend with Annemarijn and her boyfriends family.  I had a great time look at them lighting fireworks (yeah I'm a scary cat...). It was so pretty and I had a good New Year's Eve. Happy 2016!! The next morning I saw my cousin Carmen at my grandma's place and it was nice to see her too after two years <3! 
I spend the next weekend at Brechtjes place in Scheveningen with Lotte. We introduced the 'sake bomb' at a local sushi place which was so much fun (we got the whole restaurant staring at us though..). The next day I went straight to Amsterdam to have a small EF (high school year) reunion with Dion, Raoul, Laura and Manja who I met at language and culture camp in Norwich, Vermont. I had a great day, I never really go to Amsterdam so it was really cool! 
My online intersession classes started that Monday, same as my brothers school and most of my other friends. I was super busy with that plus driving lessons because I was trying to get my driver licence. I failed my first time, which was a total bummer because I didn't 'look' enough on crossing in neighbourhoods plus I drove into a bus lane... Yeah it was kinda my fault too, I know, I know. 
My brother had a swim meet and my family and I had dinner at a nice 'buffet' place and it was so good. We don't really go out to eat, that's just not a Dutch thing, so this was really nice. It was also my last weekend and we spend that Sunday in Scheveningen and had french fries with mayo and, of course, fish!!! 
I had my second driving test that Monday and jeez I have never been so nervous, for nothing. But... I PASSED!!!! I got my drivers licence, so proud, I did it within 7 lessons. My dad and I drove through Rotterdam and basically went sightseeing because I needed a new swim suit, a new pair of running pants, I needed to see the mouth-hygienist (?) and it was my last swim practice. The last day in The Netherlands was well spend, I picked up my drivers licence, I drove to my grandmas house and then too my moms work to pick her up. Haha it was so cool to drive while my parents were sitting in the car too, no pressure. I invited Annemarijn & Brian over for dinner and we had a small 'thing' as last supper. It was time to drive them home and say bye... Ugh, I hate saying goodbye... I miss you guys. I finished packing my bags and I went to bed. I woke up early, said goodbye to my little brother and my mom and dad brought me to the airport. My hand luggage was too heavy so we had to pay extra for that and after that it was time to say goodbye to my parents... Sad.. I got a smoothie, walked to my gate and immediately it started with boarding. It was a great trip and I truly enjoyed every second of it. <3 

Intersession 2016 -
I landed, on LAX, it was Thursday January 14, 2016. Customs took forever because they kept letting people go in front. I got my luggage and rushed my way out of the airport. It was so weird being back, I'm not sure if it was a good weird or not. I got picked up and went to South Bay Galaria and also to the Swim Guy for a pair of new goggles. After being up for about 26 hours, I finally got back to my apartment and I found my toothbrush and my pjs and went to bed. I woke up at 6 am which was actually not even that bad! I unpacked, and I ran errands, did grocery shopping. I also had my intersession classes work, Intro to Psychology and Physical(/Biological) Anthropology. Fun classes, but so much work (16 weeks of school in 4 weeks). It took a while to adjust, I feel like I'm still not adjusted. I had my first swim practice the next Monday and yeah it was, fun? It was a lot of work, haha! I didn't do much for the rest of the week, swum, went out to eat sushi, swum some more and my two intersession classes. That's exactly what I did last week only swim practice was an hour early, which is gonna be like this the whole season. I finished my classes last Friday and I for sure got an A in Intro to Psych, and I'm 99% sure I got a C for Physical Anthro, sadly. 

Here are some pictures:

First day of fall semester 2015

 Finally 18!!

Bandana look


I applied to the University of La Verne

Improvised CMAC swim meet

 & Niki during chemistry lab!

 I had a good face day, ok :)

 free diving

I am not gonna miss this lab, only the people haha!

Halloween outfit!

This water & beach though <3


 Beautiful Newport Beach sunset

 Sometimes Starbucks is the answer to everything

When I fell.

 I got too much stuff... 

 Bye Amy <3


No wonder why my suitcase was too heavy..!

 This three though <3

 Pool without lane lines

 & Lotte

Fall nights

 my roommate, Anne's birthday

Happy Thanksgiving!

At Sigma Pi in Long Beach with Anne

 November sun




First steps!!

 Family Christmas Tree

& Annemarijn


 We were trying...

 Trying hard...

 & papa

 & oma

& mama

Den Haag (The Hague)

Little Brother

Den Haag (The Hague)

 When I asked my dad to take a picture

 Brechtje, Lotte & I

& Doran

 Dutch Government


 & Dini in the Primark

 Sharinna & Dini


Haha that snapchat tho

 & Annemarijn

 Brian & Annemarijn

 Cousin Carmen

 Brechtje, Lotte


 Longchamp :)



 & Mama

 This beautiful hotel in Scheveningen

 Cheesy picture because I got my drivers licence

 BFF sleepover

 Day after!



 Those orange tulips I couldn't bring...

 & mama at the airport

 last moments

purple sky






 Veggie omelet

American Football

First picture taken back in Cali

Well, this was it, hope it wasn't too long! Tomorrow starts spring semester 2016 and swim season continues. I'm taking English 100, Early American History till 1865, Ethics and Calculus 2 (math). I'm excited.
It's been a nice 'long' break and I enjoyed my time back in The Netherlands so much. Till next time!

- xoxo, Nacinda 

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