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Update 2016/2017! (because it has been a year)

Hi everyone! It has been more than a year, and I felt like everyone deserved an update! It has been a crazy year, and so much has happened and changed. I wanna give a short summary about my 2016, and what I am up right now!

Here are some of the high lights of 2016. I want to try to not make this very word-y and long, but a lot has happened:

State Champs 2016
After finishing my second year swimming at OCC, we got State Champions which was by far the best experience I have had so far in my whole American experience. It was so great, and I can barely put the words together and find a good way to describe it. We had the most dominated win in the history of state wins (for the women at least, as far as I know). 

Graduation OCC
One of the better things that happen was definitely walking for Orange Coast College in their class of 2016. It was amazing, walking in a 'real' American graduation, and being a part of that. The best part of it all; my mom flew over to watch me graduate. It was so cool, I picked her up from LAX, she and her friend rented a car, so we drove back to Orange County. Not only did was she able to see me walk, but also see my swim banquet and meet my coaches and my lovely friends/team mates. I'm so grateful I got to spend that week with my mom, and show her my life that I've build in the time I've been here.

Dini in California!
In my two week summer break, Dini flew from Virginia Beach to California! It was sooooo great. Dini is one of my best friend who is from The Netherlands. We went to high school together back home, and she loves traveling (like me). We visited LA, and saw so much (Hollywood, The Groove, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach & everything in between), we went to Newport Beach, went bowling, spend memorial day with my friends, Huntington Beach, and much more. It was great showing her were I lived and what I do. Welcome to the Cali life :) (i miss you)

Summer 16
Right after Dini left, summer school started. No one in its right mind would have done what I did during this summer; calculus 2, english 102 (second required english class), health 100 and teaching kinds how to swim. It was a CRAZY busy summer. Not only did I have three class and a part time summer job, I also started dating Tijmen, who I had met right after I got accepted into Concordia (more about that later). In summary, I failed calculus 2, so I had to change my major (Business: Data Analytics), got a B in English, A in health, and had no kid drowned :). It was a summer to learn from, but with the nice weather, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

New adventure: Junior year at Concordia
Right after summer school ended, I moved to Irvine to start my new adventure. I got accepted into Concordia University Irvine. I got accepted on athletic scholarship, and majored in Data Analytics. It was time to start my junior year! It was super hectic, the move, new classes, new people, everything. The classes I had for this Fall were: business writing & presentation, philosophy, theology, intro to business, macroeconomics and intro to statistics. I was glad swim didn't start until the third week of class, because I needed some time to get used to everything and I was not cleared for my physical.

Hospital/doctor visits
 Something other super hectic that happened were my hospital/doctor visits to get cleared for my physical. Earlier this year (around the time my mom visited), I fainted twice in one week. Doctors around that time did not think this was normal behavior, and wanted me to get tested for it. I never went because I didn't fain anymore. Until the athletic trainers wanted to get to the bottom of this. I visited a cardiologist at Hoag hospital. I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours, got an echocardiogram, and had to get a tilt table test at the hospital. My heart looked fine after the first two test, nothing wrong, but the tilt table test concluded something else. Normally you're not supposed to faint during that test, but I did after about 6 minutes. This meant I have something called: neurocardiogenic syncope. It basically means when I stand up too long (mostly in a hot place), my vessels don't tell my brain to pump harder, but start pumping slower; therefore, I faint. I got medication for it, but it was still something huge... Like my body stopped working properly and all. It was rough even though it wasn't the end of the world.

My 19th birthday
Tijmen took my to Laguna Beach for 2 days (during labor day weekend) to go on vacation. It was so nice and super relaxing, this was right after the hospital, and it was exactly what I needed at the time. We went on a hike, out to dinner, and to the beautiful Laguna beaches. It was lovely, and I was kinda bummed when we had to go back home haha.

Alaska Invite
Something really cool happened that I was a part of was going to Alaska to swim against the University of Alaska, Fairbanks! It was a two day dual meet, so there was also some time to get to know the area. We went to the North Pole and met Santa, we saw Reindeers, ice sculptures, the northern lights, and lots of snow!!! We also won the dual meet which was a nice cherry on top of the cake :)

Winter Invite & the rest of Fall 2016
After Thanksgiving we had the Winter Invite at East LA college (same place where I won state earlier this year), and I did really well. I hit most seasonal best, and it was great to finally swim fast again. It restored some faith back into the the swimmer part of me haha. We ended top 3 out of all the teams there.
The rest of the semester after the Winter Invite was hectic. I go to a liberal art school, so they require lots of papers to write. I was go happy that it was over, and I did really well in all my classes. A, B+, B, B, C+ & C+.

Winterbreak: Christmas & New Year's Eve
I did not go anywhere for this winter break, for a change. I mostly helped Tijmen housesitting: the cute cat, dog & other dog. We celebrated Christmas the Dutchest way possible by doing something called "gourmetten". It was super tasty and I loved it. We did it for two days straight. After Christmas I got really into the Radio 2 Top 2000 which is a Dutch top 2000 with all the best songs people voted for. It starts on Christmas and ends at 11:59 New Years Eve. I also saw Becca, Cory & Kyle during my break because they were back from college. I had a great winter break, and it felt like I finally had some "me" time after a hectic first semester at Concordia.

First month of 2017
"Hell week" started right after winter break was over, and it was well needed to get back in shape. The weekend after hell week, I visited Lotte in Santa Barbara with Tijmen which was sooooo nice! SB is super cute and it was great to see Lotte after almost a year haha.
I started school again the next day, and everything to real stressful real fast. I was waitlisted for 2 out of the 6 classes I registered for, and I ended up getting into 1. I have marketing, information technology, business law, microeconomics & financial accounting this semester. I'm also pledging Delta Sigma Pi (the business fraternity on campus). Everything kinda went down with my health in January, but I got better.
I also celebrated Tijmens birthday last week, we went to Island Burger and I gave him a bunch of presents. I hope I gave him a great day <3

Right now: Feb 2017
Conference is about to start today. It's the last swim meet of the season because this is the last year Concordia is transitioning into NCAA Division 2. Next year we will be able to compete at Nationals (if we make the cuts of course). I'm swimming the 50 free, 100 breast & 200 breast + relays, and we'll see how it goes since the past month has been ups and downs and I couldn't train as much as I wanted to... 

I would like to share some pictures of the year, but I have a feeling I might post a lot. I'll go ahead and share the best & most important ones:

 Seeing Jonatan after 6 years haha (yes 6.)

 Banquet sophomore year


 & Dini <3

 OC Fair

 Jigglypuff yessss


 My new ride around town

 Bday weekend

 With roommate Alissa

Honda Center: Ducks vs Kings





 Cuddling the kitty

 The original roommates


 OEC Conference 2016

 So many girls haha

 & Becca

The relay team haha

 The sign

Staples Center: Clippers vs Timberwolves

 Oh yes I did :)

Business outfit :) lol

It had been one hell of a year! 2016 has been about change and new adventures. I learned a lot, and I know what I am going to be doing different. There were a lot of moments I learned from.
We're gonna kick ass at conference the next couple days, and it will be over after then. I'm already ready for the next and last season. 

Stay strong,


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